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Azad Chaiwala is Pakistani multi-millionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

Azad Chaiwala, the businessman, entrepreneur, and YouTuber, made a matrimonial website for men in 2014. The site connects men looking to marry for the second, third, or fourth time with potential wives. The website aims to promote polygamy (multiple marriages) in society.

  • Azad Chaiwala’s is making headlines again. KARACHI: British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala launched his website, called Second Wife, back in 2017 and he claims that the idea of the website “came about from my need, and thinking there’ll be other people in my situation.”. Chaiwala, who is of Pakistani origin, stated in an.
  • British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala started his platform, known as second women, back in 2017. In an interview, Chaiwala, of Pakistani origin reported that he was only 12 years old when he “came out” polygamy, the website’s idea “coming out from my need and thinking in my situation that there will be others.”.
  • Azad Chaiwala the founder of the Polygamy matchmaking service claims that Polygamist marriages last longer that traditional monogamist unions. Polygamy STOPS Infidelity read more If you live in the UK or US, it is very unlikely that you don’t know of anyone who hasn’t strayed from their marriage vows once or twice.
  • Apr 22, 2021 By Aliya Zuberi April 22, 2021 KARACHI: British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala launched his website, called Second Wife, back in 2017 and he claims that the idea of the website “came about from my need, and thinking there’ll be other people in my situation.”.

He also gives the youngsters of Pakistan an insight into entrepreneurship and skill , he did this at the time when no one else was doing this.


This time this entrepreneur has started a very unique and a tabood thing , yes in our society second marriage is considered a taboo however religion allowes it with certain conditions of equality.

He has just inaugurated a metrimonial websitenSecondWifedotcom.

The website will provide a matrimonial service for Practicing Muslims , they will marry as per Islamic teachings for second or third time .

According to the owner the website is intended to help women who are seeking a husband and it will connect them with men/husbands seeking their second, third or fourth wife.

Their narrative reads , “We aim to help out those who wish to practice polygamy in the most decent and respectful manner. We have invested a lot of time and money into this project and we strongly believe in it”

Azad Chaiwala set up to help men find second wives.Source:Supplied

A DATING website has been set up to help men find second wives, and already has 35,000 members.

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The man behind, web boss Azad Chaiwala, insists the service promotes fidelity, morality and old-fashioned family values, reports The Sun.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur believes in his product so much that he plans to select his next two wives from the company.

The site has proved so successful among Muslim men that another site, this time for Westerners, has opened for business — and is especially popular with women.

Bolstered by the site’s success, Mr Chaiwala has also started a dating service for all faiths,, a website which carries the banner “Welcome to the world of polygamy” — which has attracted more than 7000 members since it launched earlier this year.

Users are greeted by a picture of a beaming, multicultural family and the proclamation: “We want bigger, stronger families.”

Azad Chaiwala insists that the service promotes fidelity, morality and old-fashioned family values.Source:Supplied

Visitors to first click on a verse from the Koran: “Then marry women of your choice, two or three, or four, but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly, then only one.”

Looking For Marriage Website is more tailored to a Western audience, proclaiming: “We specifically cater to individuals who are seeking a polygamous relationship. Browse hundreds of articles related to polygamy.”

Mr Chaiwala says he has asked a number of celebrities to promote his business, but they have declined.

He admits there is a danger that those looking simply for no-strings sex may infiltrate the sites, particularly, but everything is done to ensure users are genuine.

“Everything has a purpose. I can go in the kitchen and get a knife, something used to cut vegetables, and hurt someone.

“There are always people who will abuse things. Users police each other and every picture is vetted for decency.

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“We do not allow cleavage.”

Speaking to the Sunday Mercury, Mr Chaiwala claimed polygamy across all religions is more popular than it has ever been.

The British businessman intends to use to find two more partners — but admits his wife has concerns.

“There is not a woman on earth who would be totally comfortable with it,” he said.


“This is my wedding, I do not need to have a piece of paper. Is it illegal to have a mistress?”

The website boss says he is providing a service which prevents loneliness among married women, reduces infidelity and stops the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

And he is certain that polygamy will eventually be made legal in Britain and other Western countries.

“People go to a nightclub and have a one-night stand and that’s the end of it. Men go with prostitutes; people look for swingers’ clubs,” he said.

“A man wants to get married to multiple partners in an honourable manner, he wants to share his love and resources — why do you have an issue with that?

“It is not for everyone — some men are not physically, or financially, capable of taking care of other women.”

Speaking to the newspaper he stressed polygamy is not just confined to the Muslim faith.

“Two hundred years ago, there were British viceroys who had seven or eight wives.

“Islam puts a limit on the number of wives, while with other religions there is no limit. If it is good for me and acceptable in the eyes of God, it must be fine.”

The site hasn’t impressed everyone however.

Khalid Mahmood, a British MP who is Muslim himself, branded the venture “stupid” and warned that women entering a polygamous relationship are waving away financial rights usually attached to a marriage.

He told the newspaper: “It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on his estate.

“It is not acceptable and puts individuals very much at risk, it puts them at a huge disadvantage.

“They think they are doing the right thing, but it does put them at risk in terms of the financial situation.”

The MP said it was a concern that they have emerged at a time when an increasing number of Muslim relationships were breaking down.

Mariam Khan, councillor for Washwood Heat in Birmingham, UK, said polygamy was originally allowed to provide help, shelter and support for women who had lost their husbands, perhaps through war. She said in the current climate it has been abused and has become disrespectful to women.

She told the Sunday Mercury: “It is the women who suffer. The modern-day version of looking for a second wife is disrespectful to women, and it is not using the Islamic teaching in a fair way. It ends up in a deteriorating relationship between the husband and first wife.”

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In the UK and Australia it is illegal to have multiple wives.

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Mr Chaiwala claims that he is not promoting a criminal act and says his religion allows a man to have up to four wives, as long as they are in agreement.