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To get the free trial period, simply open your Tinder account and tap on the “Upgrade to Gold” button. Now, choose the right plan method and enter your bank details. The day before your trial period will get expire, make sure to cancel the subscription. In this way, you can enjoy the free trial period without paying even a single penny.

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Tinder is the most popular online dating platform in the world. It allows individuals to find their match, with whom they can possibly spend the rest of their lives. However, the problem with Tinder is that it asks you to pay if you want to unlock the really cool features. Tinder Promo Codes can act as a savior if you don’t want to pay.

  • Tinder will now activate a 3-day free Tinder Gold trial on your account, unlocking all the premium features. Please note that Tinder has an auto-renewal feature and thus if you have added your credit card details, then it will deduct $30 monthly on its own once the trial is over.
  • Tinder Gold was a feature which is effective since August 2017 and which allow users to know who swipe him right. Perhaps you already have read our tinder plus page but now you want to move up a gear. You can know enjoy a free Tinder Gold subscription thanks to our services.

They are special vouchers or coupons that allow you to get Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription for free, or at a highly discounted price. If you want them without disturbing your wallet, this post is specially written for you. We are going to share the working codes with you.


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  • 2 How to Get Tinder Plus/Tinder Gold for Free?
  • 3 List of Working Tinder Promo Codes

What are Tinder Promo Codes?

Nowadays, the term “Tinder” has become synonymous to dating. It has become the most used, preferred, and popular online dating platform to meet new people. Millions of people have found their dates using Tinder, and this gives many people a ray of hope. However, to unlock the true potential of the app, one has to buy Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

The premium subscription makes swiping right on Tinder profiles more fun. There are no restrictions. You will get recommendations from the app, and there are many other cool features. All of these are not available on the free version. The problem is that not everyone is able to afford Tinder premium memberships. Tinder Promo Codes help such people to fulfill their dreams.

They allow Tinder users to upgrade to a Plus or Gold account for free or at a highly discounted price. They make Tinder very affordable, otherwise, it is a pretty expensive service.

Why you should use Tinder Promo Codes?

The shortest answer to this question would be that it saves a lot of money. Tinder Plus costs around $9.99/month while Tinder Gold starts from $14.99/month. This is a lot of money considering that Tinder offers no guarantee that you will actually find genuine matches. You are only trying your luck. All your money would go in vain if no one right-swipes on you.

Tinder Promo Codes solve this problem. They help you to save your hard-earned money from being wasted on Tinder subscriptions. You can use them to get Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold instead of spending money.

Is it possible to get unlimited Tinder Promo Codes, Vouchers & Coupons for Free?

It is possible to find Tinder promo codes, vouchers, and coupons on the internet. However, it is not possible to find and use infinite numbers of them. You can find them on e-commerce websites, social media platforms, online forums, and threads. It is pretty tough to find them though.

You can buy Tinder Promo Codes from Codashop.

Finding promo codes that offer Tinder Plus/Gold for free is next to possible. But, you can find coupons and offers to get the plans for up to 75-80% discount. I will recommend using other tricks instead of trying to find promo codes on the web.

How to Get Tinder Plus/Tinder Gold for Free?

As I have already mentioned, getting working Tinder promo coupons is a pretty tough task. If you don’t want to do that, I’m going to share some tricks that will help you to get Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold without spending any money.

Method-1: Claim the Tinder Gold Free Trial

Tinder offers a three-day Gold free trial to its new users. You can’t find the information on its website. It is app-exclusive as of now. To claim Tinder Gold free trial, follow these steps:

  • Install and launch the Tinder app.
  • Sign up for a new Tinder account.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Here, tap on ‘Get Tinder Gold.’
  • Select a plan.
  • Enter the payment details.
  • Complete the transaction using a virtual credit card.

That’s it. You can now enjoy Tinder Gold free for three days. Make sure you don’t forget to cancel the free trial before it ends.

Method-2: Participate in Giveaways/Contests

A lot of social media influencers, brands, and other individuals organize giveaways and contests where you can win free Tinder promo codes.

Just find them, participate in them, and hope to be lucky. If you are, you will get free Tinder coupons.

Method-3: Use Online Earning Websites

There are many earning websites on the web that allow you to earn money for filling surveys, downloading apps, watching video ads, and completing other offers. Some popular examples are Swagbucks, PointsPrizes, Vindale Research, etc.

You can sign up on these platforms, and earn points. Once you have enough points, redeem them for PayPal cash, and then use them to purchase Tinder memberships.

Method-4: Trade Tinder Promo Codes for Other Codes

Another way to get Tinder promo codes without spending any money is to trade them with other users on the internet. If you have some spare gift cards like iTunes gift cards, PSN gift cards, etc, you can trade them on platforms like Reddit for Tinder coupons.

However, be careful while trading as such platforms is full of scammers. You may end up losing your gift cards.

List of Working Tinder Promo Codes

To simplify your work, I have collected all the working Tinder promo codes from the web and sharing them here. Just go through the list, pick a code, and redeem it on Tinder before anyone else.

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  • 6a9ed7hg-1222-9cce-2df2-c9f0ef45f7c
  • 6h7ef6yh-1102-6eee-4dh5-e7e0fg78v9s
  • 5bf9sx9c-1010-8def-6as8-u7u0aj29f5h
  • 6od5sd5x-1004-7ied-8jd7-v6y0ey65f9j
  • 5se8er7w-1023-6wer-9tyd-x7s0ys71t6p
  • 6rt3hf5y-1401-7xye-5hge-y3c0rg89i4w

Make sure you use these before anyone else.

How to Use Tinder Promo Codes?

Redeeming Tinder promo codes is very simple. Follow these steps if you have no idea how to do that:

Step-1: Open a browser and visit the Tinder website in it.


Step-2: Now sign in with your Tinder account.

Step-3: Next, scroll down, find and click on ‘Promo Code.’

Step-4: Here, enter the Promo Code that you have.

Step-5: Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

How To Get A Free Tinder Trial

Note: Some Tinder promo codes may ask you to enter your credit card information. If they do, you will have to enter the payment details to use them.

That’s it.

Do Tinder Promo Code Generators Work?

When you go searching for Tinder promo code, free Tinder Gold, free Tinder plus plans, etc, then you will see Tinder promo code generators. They are online tools claiming to offer free stuff on Tinder. However, you should never fall for them.

These kinds of generators are fake. They are only there to scam you, steal your information, and make you do tasks for them in the name of ‘Human Verification.’ Don’t fall into their trap. They will never give you anything.

Final Take

Tinder promo codes allow you to unlock the true potential to go looking for the love of your life. However, it is pretty tough to find the working ones. I’d suggest that you consider purchasing codes by earning in your free time instead of trying to find them for free. This way you will not be wasting your time.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it interesting. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.

Tinder is a very popular and world-renowned dating app. Tinder in the past could only be used by connecting your Facebook account but now it has provided the facility of using your mobile number to log in to the app. The app contains a lot of user-friendly features to help find people their perfect match. You can swipe to like your potential matches.

You can message potential people through the app. You can connect your Facebook with your tinder to see mutual friends of your potential matches. You can even look at other Instagram profiles if they have connected them with their account. With this article now you can learn, how to get Tinder Gold for free.


  • 2 How To Get Tinder Gold for free?

Why Should You Use Tinder Gold?

Tinder has a lot of features in the free version too but things get better with the paid version. Tinder Gold allows the user to see those who have already liked them before swiping. You can see the Top Picks- your potential matches that are swipe worthy.

You get the advantage of having unlimited likes. You can also get to use their Rewind feature which allows you to rewind your last action like-Like, Super Like or Nope. You also get to use 5 Super Likes per day. Tinder Gold also gives you the boost feature so that you can be the top profile for 30 minutes.

You can even choose a place you want to talk to people from and match with them. You also get the royalty of ad-free usage.

How To Get Tinder Gold for free?

Free trial for tinder gold

There are lots of reasons why you would want to subscribe to the Gold version. But it might either seem unreasonable or it might be hard to fit into your budget to pay for it, whatever the reason might be we got you covered. This article lists the way through which you can get Tinder Gold for free.

1. Subscription ID Generator

Subscription ID Generators don’t have a 100% success guarantee but are definitely worth trying. You can find a lot of such websites but it’s essential to make sure it’s safe and never give out any sensitive personal information.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. All you need to do is visit the website and enter your email address linked to the tinder account.
  2. Select the ‘Tinder Gold’ option and then navigate to ‘Proceed’.
  3. Tap the “upgrade-Tinder” button.
  4. Now you have to download a few apps and you will have your Tinder Gold subscription waiting for you.

2. Promotion

Promotional emails aren’t really common to come by, but sometimes they do send them to some lucky people. These promotional emails usually give you some days’ worth of Tinder Gold for free.

Even though they do give you Tinder Gold for free it’s not permanent. You might have to wait for a very long time for these to come by.

These promotional events usually last for about four days to a week. This is a very clever tactic used by Tinder to get people hooked on using the Tinder Gold features and luring them in to buy the Tinder Gold.

3. Third-Party Apps

Just like third-party websites, you can also find a lot of third-party apps on the internet. Here is what you generally have to do:

Free Trial Tinder Plus

  1. To download these apps most of the time you might have to visit a website first.
  2. Through the website, you will need to download the app by clicking the download button “Tinder MOD apk”.
  3. After the completion of its installation, you have to search Tinder and click on the install option.
  4. After installing the Tinder MOD app you have to log in to your Tinder on that app.
  5. After following the proper procedure mentioned in the article/website/app you can access Tinder Gold.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that helps you get gift cards or money for different subscriptions, websites, and apps. To get the money you have to collect SB points by watching videos, taking surveys, searching the web, and shopping online.

You can even earn SB points by playing games and signing up for new services by well-known brands. By doing such tasks you can earn gift cards for your favorite retailers or apps. You can even get cash back through PayPal.

Similarly, you can even earn cash back and gift cards for Tinder by performing the designated tasks. Even though this takes a while but if you want Tinder Gold for free you might have to take this hard road.

Beware of Scam Websites

The ways that are described in this article even though they do work them can cause privacy threats. The third-party apps and websites out there on the internet most of them are scams and don’t work most of the time.

How To Get Free Tinder Gold 2021

These websites make money by fooling you and causing privacy threats. You have to be very careful and do some intensive research before using the website.


Free Trial For Tinder

Tinder Gold has a lot of other features and royalties that you can access through Tinder Gold only. Even though you might be tempted by all the advantages it comes with. But it might not come under your budget so we carefully curated an article for you with some ways from which you can access Tinder Gold free.

Tinder Plus Free Trial

Although we have listed these ways you will have to be careful as there are a lot of websites and apps that are a scam and can cause harm to your privacy. But it might not come under your budget so we carefully curated an article for you with some ways from which you can access Tinder Gold for free.