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Happn Dating App Review. Happn had about 40,000 daily users and by 2016 there were about 10 million users in general. The numbers are only increasing which makes it even more of an attractive proposition which indicates that the application must be doing something right. It keeps elevating itself on a regular basis and introduces new things. Nov 15, 2020 Happn recommends its members who wish to arrange real-life meetups be vigilant and guarded. Similar to all free dating apps, where you are arranging a meet up with a stranger, never reveal too much information via messaging, always arrange your date in a public, in a busy location and inform a friend or relative of your plans.

Happn had about 40,000 daily users and by 2016 there were about 10 million users in general. The numbers are only increasing which makes it even more of an attractive proposition which indicates that the application must be doing something right. It keeps elevating itself on a regular basis and introduces new things.

What sets this application apart is the peculiarity of it. Happn is one of those applications which lets you know if you will or are about to cross paths with someone. No matter if you crossing a street, or are in a restaurant, on the bus or wherever, you can somehow diverge or make paths meet too. How cool is that?

Often we see that cute girl or the almost perfect kind of guy when we are on the subway but before we can do anything and make the conversation or make the first move , the moment has passed and he person just passes away and everyone gets on with their lives. These series of events may not be acceptable to everyone and so, a French dating app has come to your rescue.

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Happn Review

  • Believes in the notion of reciprocity & does not have much scope for spammers or other unwanted conversations.
  • It is a free dating app - You can sign up for free.
  • It automatically syncs you to other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram which restricts spam users.
  • Since this application depends on the geographic location of the users, it might not be a boon for everyone. You need to have a strategic location for this app to really work for you.
  • Happn is for all those of you who are not patient enough for the magic of serendipity to work for you all. Using and signing in and getting started with Happn is fairly an easy task. You need to have a Facebook account and you need the FB account to keep running in the background. This is your gateway to the Pandora box of opportunities.
  • These filters can be anything but one of the most appropriate examples would age based. In happn’s settings, you can indicate the type of people you would like to meet. And so whenever there is something matching on that basis, you will duely receive notifications.
  • After receiving the notifications, you can start chatting and build up your conversation in such a manner that could lead you to consensually meet face to face at any given or preferable spot. Since both the partners will be located close by and this is pretty much the sense behind the existence and motto of this application in the first place, this application works really well in this department.


If there is anything that is really admirable about this application, it will be that you can check out the profiles of the people you have encountered anytime and also keep a track of the time and place of your last encounter. What is more is that if you like a person, you can like them secretly with the Heart button. They are surely not to find about this unilateral affection unless and until the interest is mutual. You see, you are saved from the unnecessary embarrassment.
What is more is, if you want to charm them, you can send in a notification and that way you will be noticed. Subtle and discreet!


You can easily ward off stalkers. People you don’t like will not be able to send you any messages. That is taking care of all sorts of privacy setting and unnecessary shaming messages. It is more like a mutual thing where in your choices will be valued and you have an upper hand as to who should talk to you and who you do not want to talk to.


You can sink in your profile with other various social networking sites as well. This also includes Instagram. You can simply soup up profiles by syncing in. Not a big deal.
You can skip out this step as well. However if you do not do so, you might be missing out on an important connection point. By syncing in you get the opportunity to start to know the person in an even better manner. You can know their likes and dislikes in a better manner. You can easily understand whether a person is a dog man or a cat man, also you can get a fair idea whether that person is a foodie or not.

  • The exact location of the user remains completely invisible.
    You can block another user or report any behaviour that you find is uncomfortable.
  • Facebook Connect is present only to give a backing to genuine profiles and this prevents the existence and contact with unwanted and fake profiles. This ‘connect’ also helps you establish the mutual friend that you might be having.
    Happn will never notify your friends that you are using this application. It guards all your personal details and never lets itself out.
  • Neither does Happn post any sort of promotion code or anything of that sort on the walls of the Facebook account of users.
  • One of the major drawbacks of using dating applications is that the apps are full of scammers and spammers. At Happn you will be guaranteed that all your social space is guarded. Happn functions on the basis of a fundamental theory of reciprocity. This experience will be there without any sort of harassment or spamming.
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  • One of the major drawbacks of this application could be that it works well only if there are enough people around. Of course since that is the essence of this application, it is very important to have a good geographic location where you know that the crowd you are looking for is present.

For every person who has Happn on their devices, your timeline will show their profiles. This is just an extremely convenient way to keep a count. And, if you are interested in making an advance or taking the first step, you can simply, begin chatting or having a conversation with this person.

On every profile that shows up, there will be a count as to how many times you have made an encounter with this person. However it totally depends on you whether you wish to see this countdown continue. Often times if you do not wish to reciprocate or do not wish to see these notifications anymore all you have to do is select the cross button.
Now you will not be pestered by constant prompts and notifications surrounding this person.

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This dating app is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows. Happn functions on the basis of a feed which works depending on the basis of location of the user’s phone. The location is useful to make all the possible matches.

For me, Happn is a great flirting app because its algo works based on location. And, I noticed that people on Happn are less cringey. Do share your happn review in the comment section to help our audience to find mass constructive review.

Our Complete Happn Review

Is the Happn dating app better or worse than other popular dating apps like Bumble or Tinder? How does Happn compare to those other options?

We perused Happn user reviews and compiled the most important info. Here’s a quick but complete summary of our findings.

How Does Happn Work?

Happn works differently than other dating apps. Happn only shows people who have recently been in the same general location as you.


Wait…Does this mean we can finally realize our goal of having a real-life meet-cute in a grocery store?

What Does Happn Cost?

The basic Happn app is free, but you can upgrade to Happn Premium for extra features (just like with Tinder Plus or Bumble Boost).

Happn Premium costs $24.99/month, but you can get a better deal by committing to a whole year.

Happn Dating App PROS

Chance encounters feel possible again. Ok, so it’s not really chance, but seeing people online who you may have brushed past at the gas station feels more exciting and organic than traditional dating apps.

Is Happn Better Than Tinder

Happn Dating App Review

Happn makes it harder for scammers and bots to make accounts. You must have a Facebook account in order to create a Happn profile. This requirement makes it much harder for scammers to hack in and create fake profiles.

Connecting feels easier than other dating apps. It already takes the pressure off of coming up with the perfect opening line when you know you were just in the same place. Simple location-specific questions like “Hey, Trader Joe’s run today? Have you tried the mesquite almonds yet?” feel appropriate on this app.

If you’re not into messaging at all, Happn lets you send voice messages or Spotify songs right in chat. You can even set a status with an activity you’re “up for” that will help get things moving off the app and IRL.

Happn Dating App CONS

Dating App Free

Matching is based strictly on your proximity to other people, not interests, values, personality, or any other factor. Sure, you can still choose who to like or say hello to, but you could be missing out on the love child of George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson because they’re one too many blocks away.

Small-town singles may run out of potential matches FAST. Geo-targeted matching isn’t ideal if you’re more rural, and already know (in the biblical way) every single within the 250 mile happn radius.

Safety can be an issue, in fact Happn has been called “a stalker’s dream”. If things go south after you’ve been chatting, it can be unsettling to know you could easily run into your previous matches at your usual haunts. This could merely be awkward, but there’s also a possibility users could have some unwanted and unsafe encounters.

Overall takeaway: ✔️

Happn is a pretty cool dating app, and can be a refreshing change from the endless swiping of Tinder and Bumble. It’s definitely worth a try — just be mindful of potentially seeing an unsavory match after you break it off.

How to Guarantee You’ll Get “Hello”s on Happn??

Good pics.

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Happn Dating App Review

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