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These terms of use regulate the obligations and obligations of the website (hereinafter - the 'Website'), between the owner of the site (hereinafter 'the owner') and the user of the service (hereinafter referred to as 'the user'). Please read these terms of use carefully before you visit the website and / or use the services on the website.
Should there be any points in these terms of use that you 'the user' can not accept, or if you have concerns about understanding the meaning of these terms, you should immediately stop visiting the website.
By this or future visits to the website and / or the use of the website, it means that you accept these terms of use without reservation. The terms apply above all other terms and agreements between the owner and the user.
To be able to use with its functions, you need to register and create a personal password.
By accessing the website, the user agrees to this agreement.
By accepting this agreement, the user confirms when he uses the service that:

1.1 The age of the user is at least 18 years.
1.2 The user has read the terms of this agreement.
1.3 The user is solely responsible for the content and material he publishes on the website, and has the authority and data security required for this.
1.4 Confirms that the User is aware that the website may contain material that is only aimed at users who have reached at least 18 years of age.
1.5 Use the website in accordance with current legislation in the relevant area of ​​law.
1.6 Do not publish email addresses, telephone numbers, hyperlinks or other contact information that has open access.
1.7 Do not publish profanity, defamation of any person / persons, child pornography or other immoral material, this also applies in particular to material that shows or promotes violence, cruelty, terrorism, or material that is offensive to human dignity, or other material that does not permitted under applicable law.
1.8 Not to persuade other users and not to mislead, harass or disturb them, when the other user clearly shows a reluctance that something like that mentioned in the above paragraph takes place. Under no circumstances may users use the service for the purpose of conducting procuring or receiving.
1.9 Do not, without the consent of the owner, make transactions or offer contracts with other users in relation to any works or services, as well as goods, use the website for the distribution of advertising material or illegal material or propaganda.
1.10 Allows the owner of the website to distribute, reproduce, translate and adapt the exclusive rights as well as to report material posted on the website or submitted to them by the owner in another way, cable, wire or digital.
1.11 Should any term (provision) of this Agreement be declared invalid, unreasonable or unenforceable by a competent court (section 6.6), the other terms shall remain valid and the unfair, unfair contract term (provision) shall be converted into a valid agreement term that reflects it. original spirit from the owner.
Site Content
2.1 aims to make it possible for users to communicate with each other on the website ''. The main purpose of the platform is to get different users in contact with other users so that they can communicate with each other on the website.
2.2 The main purpose of the service is not to create real contact outside the website between a user and other users of the website. However, the user is allowed to establish real contact with other users outside the website. However, the owner can in no way provide security or guarantee that such real contact can be established via the website.
2.3 The owner reserves the right to create profiles on the website and to send messages to the user through these accounts. By accepting these terms of use, the user understands and accepts that the profiles on the website are therefore fictitious and that they have been created for entertainment purposes only. It is therefore not possible to meet these profiles in real life outside the website or to communicate with these profiles outside the website.
2.4 The user does not have the right to create accounts for others, transfer an account or allow other people to use their account. If for any reason the information about the user is no longer correct or complete, the user must change the information so that it becomes relevant again. If the user provides incorrect or incomplete personal information and the owner decides that the information provided is not correct or incomplete, the owner may terminate or block the user's account.
2.5 The user has full responsibility for keeping their password secure. The user is also fully responsible for the use of the account by third parties, regardless of how access to the account has taken place. In the event of suspected misuse of the account, the user must immediately inform the owner.
2.6 The owner can never be held responsible for the user's use or improper use of the account.
2.7 The owner uses third party websites to send visitors to the website, either for a fee or for free. These third parties arrange so-called hyperlinks and are responsible for the content of the website and for how they forward users to through hyperlinks.
2.8 The owner can under no circumstances be held responsible for disturbances or problems, which affect the accessibility of the website for the user.
2.9 When the user creates an account on the website, the user guarantees that the information provided is correct and truthful. The user is obliged to immediately inform the owner about information provided in connection with the registration changed-s and to update his user information himself.
The owner reserves the right to:
3.1 Update the website
3.2 Provide both free and paid services to users (hereinafter referred to as 'the Services').
3.3 Make changes to this Agreement unilaterally at any time. It is the user's responsibility to review these terms in a timely manner. If the user continues to use the website after the date of entry into force changes to the terms of the agreement, the user accepts these changes without reservation.
3.4 Change the type and price of the services and the time when this will take place.
3.5 Delete or edit content published by the User on the Website, if they do not comply with the terms of this agreement, or are considered harmful to either the owner or third parties.
3.6 Use of the user's personal data, m published by the user on the website that is off to use this data for commercial purposes, post on partner websites and for other purposes.
3.7 Transferring rights from a user under this agreement to third parties for the implementation of this agreement without the user's consent.
Owner is not responsible for:
4.1 Any damage, both direct and indirect, or loss of information or for damage that occurred when people or users used the website's services, including the use of mobile communications and other telecommunications means.
4.2 Correct information and the content of material (such as its accuracy and timeliness) published by users of the website.
4.3 Infringement of the user's copyright and other rights to third parties by publishing material that is inappropriate for the applicable law (including copyright) Posted on the website or otherwise transmitted to the owner. If you, as a private individual or commercial actor, claim that images and works infringe on your property rights, please contact the owner of the website as soon as possible.
Payment services:
Payment by credit / debit card
It takes 'credits' a virtual currency on the site to be able to chat, flirt, and access all the features of the site.
5.1 The user can choose to top up so-called 'Credits' to be able to chat, flirt, and access all the functions of the website. These 'Credits' are available for purchase in various packages, of which the price for these varies and is available on the payment page.
5.2 A user is entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase taking place, unless the user chooses to use any of the products purchased by the user. If this is the case, the right to a refund disappears. It is up to the user to inform the owner that the purchase will be returned to the user. The owner has an obligation for a refund to take place within a maximum of 1 month from the time the purchase is entered into
5.2.1 In the event that a payment dispute between user and owner arises / exists, the information from the owner is decisive in determining the actual amount, insofar as the user cannot prove that the information referred to by the owner is incorrect.
5.3 If the user deletes his account, the user also deletes the outstanding credits. The user can then not claim any outstanding credit if the account has been deleted.
Disputes and complaints:
6.1 Given that the owner of the website is not involved in the communication between the users of the website, the owner disclaims all types of liability or damages both directly and indirectly in accordance with this agreement.
6.2 In the event of a complaint from the user of the website when using it, the owner of the website will take this as seriously as possible.
6.3 Complaints can and should only be submitted in writing by the user to the owner of the website.
6.4 It is up to the owner of the website to try to find a solution to the complaint as soon as possible
6.5 If the user and the owner can not find a solution to the problem, the user can turn to the Israeli Consumer Council
6.6 These Terms of Use and all use / usage of the Website and its services are governed by and governed by the laws of the State of Israel. There is only in an Israeli court that any dispute can be finally settled.
Intangible property
7.1 All information available on the website is the owner of intangible property or its licensor and thus may not under any circumstances be reproduced for private or commercial purposes.
7.2 Should the owner of the website be informed that a certain type of material on the website such as images, texts or links may be offensive in nature, the owner reserves the right to remove such content as soon as possible. However, there is no obligation for the owner to do this unless it is obvious that the material is of such a nature that there is no doubt as to whether the material is offensive in nature.
Violation of these terms
8.1 If it is found that violation of these terms takes place / has taken place, or other acts that are indifferent to the commission of a crime / fraudulent in nature, the owner of the website reserves the right to block the membership for the user at the same time without consent or omen. Outstanding 'Credits' will thus be considered used and irrevocable.
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