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Madeline Baars, “Marriage in Black and White: Women's Support for Law Against Interracial Marriage, 1972-2000,” intersections 10, no. 1 (2009): 219-238. ABSTRACT One of the most interesting aspects of the study of interracial marriage is the variation in approval that exists along racial, regional, age and gender lines. Among mixed black.

The show “I Love Lucy” ran in the 1950s and was hugely successful. The above video is a clip from that show that I found on YouTube. It stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Lucille Ball is a white woman and Desi Arnaz is a Cuban-born American. The two were married in 1950 and produced “I Love Lucy” together. Their characters, Ricky and Lucy were also married in the show. Chronologically, this happened before the Loving case that we discussed in class. There were a few possible facts that contributed to the acceptance of the famous “I Love Lucy” couple, while other interracial couples, such as the Lovings, continued to face discrimination for years after. The first is that Desi was largely successful. He was a musician, actor, and TV producer. This status could have been one factor as to why he and Lucille never experienced the same degree of opposition to their relationship, on TV or in real life. Also, there is the factor of location. California miscegenation laws weren’t declared unconstitutional until 1948, but perhaps they overlooked it for the successful couple, or simply didn’t enforce it in general. This inequality along class lines wouldn’t be very surprising given Lucille and Desi’s status. These miscegenation laws were laws that forbade interracial marriage or mixing. States like Virginia clearly upheld this law, while it could have been that some states didn’t. Also, perhaps the anti-miscegenation laws were enforced more strictly if there was an African American than a Cuban for some reason. For this reason, it is difficult to compare the Lovings or other cases to Desi and Lucille. In the show, it is difficult to tell that Desi isn’t white. This reason is probably why the show gained such popularity.

While you can tell Desi has some form of an accent, it isn’t very strong. It is possible that many viewers simply didn’t know that he was from Cuba. In the clip above, you can see that the rest of the cast is white, and he seems to fit in with them very well. This could have been seen as a form of passing. Passing is open to a wide range of interpretations, but at its most basic, it is coming off as something that you are not, whether that is to gain benefits or avoid racism, or for other reasons. It would have been hard to argue that he was actively passing to gain benefits. He was already very successful. Due to black and white televisions, it could be seen as a sort of accident that he never faced severe discrimination. While Lucy did make fun of his accent in the show, his skin appears white, at least from the clips that I found.

Regarding film and interracial marriage, we discussed the film code in class that said “No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin.” Desi Arnaz produced “I Love Lucy” with only humor that he deemed “in good taste”. He therefore avoided ethnic jokes and other jokes about handicapped or disabled people. Because of this, perhaps the production code was not violated even if his marriage on the show was seen as “wrongdoing, evil or sin”. Whatever the case, it is clear that the show never faced the same kind of discrimination that an average interracial couple of the time would have, nor did Desi and Lucille face the same levels of discrimination in real life. Whatever the reason behind that, it seems that in this example, the inequalities that every day Americans faced were not brought forth in the world of television production. In this case, they swept it under the rug and gained success while other interracial couples faced discrimination. While Hollywood glamorized American life with shows like “I Love Lucy” there were interracial couples struggling for acceptance across the country. While it wasn’t Desi and Lucille’s job to act as a spokes couple for intermarriage, they could have done a lot more to address the issues that they most likely felt some connection to, given that they were an interracial couple. Either way, they produced a good show that many Americans enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

  1. Nationwide, interracial marriages have increased from only 310,000, accounting for.7 percent of all marriages in 1970, to about 1.5 million, 2.6 percent of all marriages in 2000. The actual number would be much greater if marriages between Hispanics and non-Hispanics were taken into account as well.
  2. Interracial Marriages and Families., Scandicci. 6,745 likes 5 talking about this. This site is about promoting a positive image of all races.There is too much racism and negativity going in this.
  3. Chuang and colleagues start with the observation that there are quite large gender imbalances in American interracial marriages. The most common combination is a Black man married to a White woman.
  4. Black Female Interracial Marriage. Evia and Darren Coming Upon 20th Anniversary! Love, Appreciation, Respect. Darren and I will soon have been married 20 YEARS! We’ve made it a point to give each other the gifts of love, appreciation, and respect whenever interacting with each other. Mind you, there have been occasions when our communication.

-Michael Brown

Dating between two races, which was earlier considered a taboo, is now widely practiced all across the globe. You can now find a dozen of interracial dating sites on the web making it hard for you to choose the perfect one. Trust us, we know how confusing it is especially because all the websites seem one and the same.
In this listicle, we have put together the 10 best interracial dating sites available on the internet. All the websites (23) were personally used by us to check what they have and these are the one that made it to the list.

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Best Interracial Dating Sites:

1. is a well-known player in the online dating industry catering to dating needs of people all across the globe. tops our list of best interracial dating sites due to its incredibly large database comprising of over 30 Million singles.

Not only this, the users on the website are highly active, thereby leading to more matches and better conversion rates. The member's base of the website is very diverse. People of all races and regions can freely signup on the website. Once signed up, you can use their variety of search and discovery features to find a suitable match of a different race.

Their advanced search will further narrow down the list to only show people you are actually looking for. The website itself will suggest you potential matches based on the data gathered by its robust matching algorithm.
Approval on the website, however, is not instant. This is to make sure that no fake profile gets into the website to hurt your user experience. You will also have to fill up a lot of details while signing up which takes a considerable amount of time.

This, in turn, makes the matching process better to show you only those matches that you are looking for. The site is definitely worth giving a try, provided that you are able to purchase its premium membership which costs a bit more than its competitors.

2. BlackPeopleMeet

BlackPeopleMeet is an on-the-go interracial dating site exclusively meant for African Americans. The site is used by over 1.4 Million people each month, making it one of the best and most visited interracial dating site.

BlackPeopleMeet provides African-American individuals with a fun and affordable dating environment to help them find their true love.
The site caters to all dating needs of African-American citizens. Whether you are looking for a casual hookup, deep relationship, or even a marriage partner, BlackPeopleMeet will come to your rescue to help you find the right person, for free. Yes, you can signup and use all the basic features on the website without paying any charges.
However, you'll be prompted to upgrade your membership if you want to interact with any of its members. There are plenty of interaction options available, including audio and video messages and icebreaker suggestions.
Overall, the site layout is clean and simple. But, it does feel overburdened by the excessive amount of features. Not all of them are useful. Rather than working on releasing more features, they should keep them limited and keep them making better. It should be noted that the matchmaking algorithm is pretty weak and fails to deliver compatible matches. That's where the system needs an overhaul.

We hope that the developers will listen to their users and might already be working on it. Apart from this, we didn't find any major downside. Every interracial individual should try this site, for once.

3. InterracialMatch

Since its inception in 2001, InterracialMatch has grown to be one of the largest and best interracial dating sites available. InterracialMatch has been helping people to date singles of other ethnicities for nearly 2 decades now.

It is one of the oldest interracial dating websites on the web. This has helped them to grow their user base at such a scale that other interracial dating portals find it hard to compete with it.
The site features a highly active community where the members proactively interact and communicate with each other. The site also features a forum where users share their ideas about dating with others. You can even use the forum to make connections. It also features a 'Take me out' option to help you set up a date.
Apart from that, you can also microblog on their platform where you can raise issues or debate on dating topics or even talk more about yourself. To sum up, the website has a Facebook-inspired interaction. The idea is to incorporate all these features to keep the community active and engaging thereby leading to a higher success rate.
The site lacks instant messaging feature. You can communicate with others via emails or winks, but that's not feasible always. The profile editing features are very slow and cluttered, making it hard to be altered. Also, the membership cost is very high when compared to other websites serving in the same niche but it's worth paying for mainly due to its impressive and active member base.

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Interracial Marriage Sites

4. InterracialPeopleMeet

InterracialPeopleMeet helps you find interracial love online, without burning a hole in your pocket. InteracialPeopleMeet is a fantastic dating website that comes with a plethora of features and is meant for those for whom, race is not a constraint.

The site's UI is adaptive and striking, you will get used to it in no time. It is actually very useful when it comes to finding true love over the internet.
The homepage looks pretty much similar to that of All other features are similar too. The only difference we find is that InterracialPeopleMeet caters to a specific category of people, whereas's user base is diverse.
You can easily search and filter the profiles as per your requirement and then sort them further based on their interactions towards you or vice versa. If you are running short on time, you can use its Instant Match features, which does its job nicely and shows you all the compatible matches for you, one-by-one, based on the data that you provide.

You can even see who's online and who's not. All the online users are displayed right on the homepage. All this makes the website worth trying to serve your dating needs.

5. InterracialMatcher

InterracialMatcher is one of the newer dating site alternatives in the interracial dating space. The site can be said to be the Zoosk of interracial dating. Started in 2013, InterracialMatcher is way ahead of the curve and offers a refreshing approach to the online matchmaking process for people belonging to different ethnicities.

Started in 2013, InterracialMatcher is way ahead of the curve and offers a refreshing approach to the online matchmaking process for people belonging to different ethnicities.
With a clean and intuitive UI, the site feels very modern. It contains all features and options that a standard dating site should have, including an advanced search, email, wink, etc. Apart from all this, it has an 'Interracial Interest Group' option to quickly filter out the search list and let you know where the users are located.
Starting a conversation is what people find to be the most difficult part of online dating. Well, not anymore! The site features a Facebook-like comment section beneath the profile, opening up the lines of communication.
The paid membership gives you an edge and increases your chances of getting matched with someone. Premium features include advanced search and discovery options and the ability to add custom keywords to your profile to help you appear in the search results of other users. The membership will set you back by $24.99 each month which is justifiable due to the quality that the site provides.

6. InterracialDatingCentral

InterracialDatingCentral is an easy to use interracial dating website that has been in the industry for over a decade. InterracialDatingCentral is a website for those who are looking to date individuals of other ethnicities.

The site packs a variety of features to help you do this. You need to fill in your race and your preferred partner's race while signing up. This will help them match you to with correct singles.
Singing up on the website is the 3-step process. You can fasten it by signing up with your Facebook account so that the site can automatically fetch all the required data from there. Completing your profile will take about 15-20 minutes. Free users are allowed to upload up to 5 pictures on their profile. On the other hand, premium members can upload up to 15 photos.
The site promoted a multi-racial and multicultural online dating community. Thousands of members, each month, find the love of their life on InterracialDatingCentral. You can be the next!

​7. InterracialDating

If you are looking to date individuals outside your race or just looking to expand your options, InterracialDating can help you find the perfect one by taking the guesswork out of the whole process.

InterracialDating is a self-proclaimed world's best interracial dating site. The site has been in the industry for quite long time now and is a well-respected name in when it comes to interracial dating. It helps like-minded singles meet each other, without jumping into hoops that some other dating websites make you to.

The site caters to all ethnic groups, including but not limited to, black, white, Asian, and Latino. The site is backed by the motto- 'Love knows no bounds.'
On the homepage, you'll see a bunch of case studies of successful matches on the website and also a signup form. You can fill in your information there and join the website for free and start your interracial dating journey right away 😉
The site works best for those who find it hard to engage in their social life and want to find their life partner over the internet. The odds good that you will find someone of your interest in your vicinity on the website. If you seek a meaningful relationship outside your ethnicity, InterracialDating is the website to go for.

8. Swirlr

Running with the moto, 'Date different', Swirlr has a massive pool of singles of different ethnic groups, coming together with one motive, to find love. Swirlr is a partner site of InterracialDating and both of them share their userbase.

The site has an impressive user base of American-African singles willing to find the love of their life on the internet. You can quickly signup on the website for free to get access to all the basic features and options that can help you find a suitable date.
The site regularly publishes expert dating tips on its blogs. You can also check out thousands of success stories of matches made on the website. The site is meant for those who don't look for the same race but a wonderful person. The site is yet to bring a mobile app for its users. Till then, you can continue using its mobile-friendly suite of dating tools.
Cutting to the chase, the site stands up to what it claims. Scrolling through its neverending success stories, one can be sure of the impressive success rate that the site has to offer. The site also manages to get an overall positive rating on all major review websites, adding up to its authority. Serious daters can join the website and find a suitable interracial match for themselves.

Interracial Marriage Site

9. InterracialCupid

InterracialCupid is a premium dating website coming with a premium price tag and equally premium features. InterracialCupid is a quality dating website for people having diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Interracial marriage sites

Its user base is enormous and very active. Not just that, the customer support is unmatched and will help you with all their heart whenever you get stuck somewhere.
The site unites hundreds of thousands of singles all across the globe to provide you with a well-rounded and safe online dating experience. You can be sure to find a perfect dating partner for yourself over InterracialCupid, especially if you find foreign people and their language attractive. The site incorporates a translation feature to help you communicate with literally anyone on the website by removing the language barrier!
The premium membership, however, costs a lot more than all other websites on this list. It will set you back by a whopping $40.50 each month, which is not that great considering that you can get a subscription at a lower price tag. The site does have a lot of premium features but the pricing is still not justifiable.

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Interracial Marriage Dating Site

10. MixedSpark

Yet another interracial dating website, MixedSpark is an online dating portal where love is color blind! MixedSpark is an online dating site with a decent user base in comparison to other dating websites in the same niche.

It is a popular option when it comes to interracial dating sites and provides with the groundwork for a successful relationship between people of different ethnicities.
The site isn't that overwhelming, though. The layout is cluttered with uncountable call to actions. It has a huge member's base only because it shares its database with The site also suffers from the problem of fake profiles. You can't even be sure if you are talking to a real person or simply a bot.

Interracial Marriage Site

You might fix up a date only to see no one turning up. We know how disappointing it is. Although it is one of those legitimate sites, it's not that GREAT. There are a lot better options available in the market which perform a lot better than MixedSpark at much lower membership costs.

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Each site comes with its own features and USP. If needed, go through the article once again to ascertain which one fits all your needs as well as your budget. The goal is not to register on all the above-mentioned websites but pick only one of these and devote all your time in there until you find a loving soul. Do let us know which one did you choose and why?

Interracial Marriage Site

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