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Single parent dating sites are a lot like any other niche sites in that they’re a crapshoot. There’s a lot of scams online and you can’t make them all out. For every one quality site, there are 10 that are a waste of time and money. Finding the ones that are worth the investment can be a bit tricky. If you search the Internet for reviews on single parent dating sites, you will come across mostly biased reviews. So how do you determine which one(s) to sign-up for? Read our completely unbiased reviews, written by single parents like yourself. We don’t receive any monetary compensation from any dating site, nor do we work for any dating site. The reviews are from personal experience.


Out of all the websites we tested, only these three deserve a notable mention. The three best dating sites for single parents are:

Is Mature Dating Any Good

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The Only 3 Single Parent Dating Sites Worth Joining – These Dating Sites Made Our “Best Sites” List And Are 100% Legit.

These are our top dating sites for single parents. Our results on these best dating sites for single parents show that they are great websites to use for meeting other like minded parents.

Online Dating SiteRatingOur RankingDates SetupDates Showed UpRead Full ReviewVisit
#1 47 40Read ReviewVisit Website
#2 39 35Read ReviewVisit Website
#1 34 27Read ReviewVisit Website

Don’t Bother With These Single Parent Dating Sites. They Are Complete Scams And Not Legit.

Unless you *like* punishment, we strongly suggest that you do NOT join the websites listed below. They are NOT worth spending time OR money on. Avoid these scams, and steer clear of these websites altogether.

We strongly recommend you not join these dating sites (listed below). Don’t bother with these scam online dating websites that simply try to steal money from honest single parents!

Online Dating SiteRatingOur RankingRead Full Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
SCAM SITERead Review
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Single Parent Dating Sites: What We Look For in a Good Site

We reviewed more than 50 dating sites and used the same criteria in judging each one. If they didn’t meet the following characteristics we look for in a dating site, we gave them the review they deserved – a negative one.

  • Close to even male to female ratio. This one wasn’t an absolute necessity for giving a positive review to, but it was a factor. Some sites have too many members of one gender and too few of the other. If you’re stuck on a site with too many members of your gender, you’ll be facing some stiff competition.
  • Low percentage of members just looking for a hookupDating as a single parentis a bit different than traditional dating. Single parents are almost always more interested in meeting Mr./Mrs. Right, as opposed to going out and getting laid. If we found that most members (usually men) were only looking for sex, that site received a negative mark.
  • Too many inactive members. A lot ofsingle dad dating sites boast about how many millions of members they have. Unfortunately, they fail to mention that, on most sites, very few of those members are frequently active. Why waste your time contacting someone that probably won’t ever receive the message?
  • Plenty of attractive members. You may care less about physical appearance than you did before becoming a parent. But physical attraction is still important most of the time. We checked out the profiles of the men and women on each site and gave positive marks to sites with a large portion of members that were easy on the eyes
  • Overall great place to meet single parents. The end result is really all that matters. If we found that successfully meeting and attracting quality people was highly possible on the site, we gave it a positive review. It’s just too bad we were unable to find more than a few sites that actually were great places to meet people. Most of them either had members that weren’t worth meeting, not enough members period, or a combination of the two.

Best Dating Site For Mature Singles

The sites we gave positive reviews to had many things in common. Most notably, they had a large member database, filled with singles that were not turned off by the thought of dating someone with a kid. Unfortunately, not everyone is mature enough to handle raising a child, so you must find a significant other that is. The 3 dating sites we think highly of (,, and cater exceptionally well to the single parent dating crowd.

How Much Does Mature Dating Cost

Before signing up for any dating site, read through our single parent dating site reviews of each site – even the lousy sites. You’ll even learn something from the negative reviews. They’ll show you what to avoid. Dating for single parents is unlike traditional dating. You have to know what dating sites to use and which to avoid. For that, among other key pieces of advice, we have you covered!