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hello, guys today we’re going to be talking about whether or not it’s safe to use or give your phone number on Tinder, so today we’re going to be talking about the safety around Tinder and giving your phone number.

Tinder Safety Section. Last but not least, Tinder is introducing a Safety Section in the app, that is dedicated to providing resources and tools to everything related to Tinder safety features. It will have information related to the Photo verification and the Panic Button feature and also will provide information on how to stay safe using Tinder. Tinder might not be your best option if you're not a top-of-the-food-chain dude. You could be great, but just not have access to the methods at the moment. Take some time out of your week to go out somewhere as close by as possible. Before the church, I'd hang out at the mall at least once a week which is a 2 hour walk away from my place.

Tinder safety tips

So maybe you’ve just gotten started on Tinder. you’ve downloaded it from the App Store or google play now that it’s open it’s asking you for your phone number and you might be wondering well is this safe to give out is someone from Tim. they’re going to call me, well look no one’s going to call you directly from tinder HQ I can tell you that quite confidently. essentially what that phone number is for is to verify your account that’s because once you do sign up with your phone number. it will send you a verification code that you just need to verify to show that you do own that phone number you won’t get any promotional messages or messages from third parties to your phone number. so look at the end of the day is using your phone number safe on Tinder yes in my opinion it is safe it’s fine security has been of the utmost importance over there in the last few years. Especially so you can sort of rest assured that that phone number isn’t going to be sold or anything like that to any other third parties.

In my opinion, you’re safe you’re in the clear but you might be wondering about whether or not it’s safe to give your phone number to other users on Tinder which is a whole another can of worms that’s a little bit more complicated because at the end of the day it is at your discretion for me. I think it’s fine if you’ve been speaking to someone for a while you’re getting a bit of a sense for who they are and you’ve clicked it off and you maybe do want to consider meeting in person then you know there’s no too much harm done in my opinion, but as we all know there are some weirdos and creeps out there and just in my opinion guys my two cents. I don’t think you should go ahead and ask for somebody’s phone number or willy nilly that is a pretty personal piece of their information.

I suggest you only ask for it once you guys have hit it off you’ve had a fairly decent and in-depth conversation and you’ve maybe considered or spoken about meeting up in person but at the end of the day whether or not you should give your phone number on tinder that does come down to you. I’m not going to sit here and say that you won’t get any 2 a.m course from any creeps because as we all know some people who seemingly seem fine do end up being weirdos but don’t let that scare you off. I mean this is dating that’s pretty much the same as meeting some on eating a bar and giving them your number or taking their number.

It’s the same sort of risk but look I feel like I’m probably scaring you off at this point at the end of the day it’s your decision. In my opinion, it’s fine to give your number out on tinder to people that you’ve been having at least a decent conversation with first, and if they do end up just being weird and messaging all the time or give you any sort of call at any weird hour go ahead and just block them instantly. now one thing to raise on this note is to keep in mind that adding someone’s phone number and saving it to your contacts does generally make it a little bit easier for them to find you on social media sites like Instagram. that’s because websites like that have also required your phone number to signup and something that. I noticed personally on Instagram and Facebook. for that matter is when I have gotten somebody’s number.

  1. Tinder Safe Dating – How the Scam Works. You meet someone online, and they express interest in you. They tell you they want to meet in person, but first you must verify to prove you are “safe” or something along those lines. Then your “date” sends you a link to Tinder Safe Dating. The site advertises as a “free”.
  2. Ethan Was Tricked into Sending Cash to a Tinder Match. On w24.co.za, there is a story of a man named Ethan who lost a lot of money due to a scam on Tinder. Ethan matched with a guy on Tinder named Cris, who seemed legit based on his Tinder profile.
  3. Even though Tinder hookups aren’t traditional dating, many of the same principles apply, such as establishing trust and safe habits before a hookup. Once you’ve established a friendly rapport, feel free to ask the person to dinner or a movie casually.

Even if I don’t have any mutual friends they will come up as a suggested friend so keep that in mind if you do want to remain quite private in that regard maybe it’s time to sort of fiddle with your Facebook and Instagram settings a little bit or just keep that in mind and don’t give your phone number out if that’s something that scares you off. now look even though I am saying that in my opinion, it is fine to give out your phone number again.

I say this hesitantly because I don’t want to scare you off from even trying online dating. look every single dating app out there does have scammers or catfish if you’re not sure what a catfish is it’s someone pretending to be somebody else online. So Tinder Yes it does have some scammers on it just like any other dating app so yes even though I say oh it should be fine have your wits about you if someone’s being a little bit fishy and just wants your phone number right from the outset nice and early just probably say no and keep the conversation on tinder. before you’re certain that they are pretty much who they say they are but look in my opinion at the end of the day you’re pretty safe for using your phone number in tinder there’s no sweat. it’s private you’re fine but giving your phone number out that’s really on you now I hope that’s given you a bit of background and it’s helped answer your question at all.

Okay, guys stay safe be well and I’ll see you later.

Meeting people at bars is so passé. Today, people use dating apps and sites like Tinder to meet and hook up with others. Swipe Left or Swipe Right on people, that’s how simple Tinder is to use. However, is Tinder safe? And what can you do to protect yourself? We discuss this below.

Is Tinder Safe?

Just like any other app or website, there’s some element of danger associated with using Tinder. YYou’re leaving your information out there for complete strangers to see, and meeting new people you don’t know anything about. So no, Tinder is not completely safe to use.

Here are some true crimes relating to Tinder:

Tinder Cheating:

Stacy Feldman, 44, lived in Denver, Colorado. On March 1, 2015, she was found dead in her shower by her husband Robert. He claimed it was an accident, and that the night before while partying, she had consumed edible marijuana. The morning after, he said she wasn’t feeling well. Officials were not convinced Robert’s story was true, and the autopsy did not conclude a specific cause of death.

A few months later, a woman came forward. She claimed that she had met Robert Feldman on Tinder, nd that they had sex less than a week before his wife’s death. The woman said Robert told her he was divorced, and that his last name was Wolfe. She eventually emailed Stacy Feldman asking if she and Robert were still married, which happened to be on March 1st. It was concluded that Stacy found out her husband was cheating on her at 8:52am that day.

So, on the day she was murdered, Stacy found out Robert was cheating on her, and she confronted him. Also, it was discovered that Robert was trying to get a $750,000 life insurance policy. With this evidence, Robert Feldman was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Stacy Feldman.

What Is Tinder Safe Dating

Tinder Date Murder:

Sydney Loofe was a 24-year-old girl looking for love on Tinder, as many her age do. On November 25th, 2017, she went on a second date with someone she met on the dating app, 23-year-old Bailey Boswell. After their Tinder date, Loofe went missing for 19 days. Boswell claimed Loofe was healthy and well when she last saw her.

Loofe’s dismembered body was found on December 4th, 2017, 90 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska. Bailey Boswell and her accomplice, Aubrey Trail, were charged and sentenced for the murder of Sydney Loofe.

Even though these crimes are related to using Tinder, this doesn’t mean they will happen to you. The degree of danger you may or may not be in varies on a person-by-person basis, along with the precautions you take.

Tinder Safety Precautions To Take

As you can see from the true stories above, you MUST take the necessary safety precautions before and while on a Tinder date. Below, are some Tinder safety tips you should follow.

1. Don’t Provide Too Much Personal Information

Especially with someone you just met, do not disclose too much personal information about yourself. You don’t truly know who they are, and if they could be a scammer or criminal.

Tinder Safe Dating Scam

Personal information to avoid giving away on Tinder:

  • Social Security Number
  • Bank Account Information
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Names Of Your Relatives
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name Of Where You Work

2. Don’t Give Anyone Money

NEVER give anyone you don’t know money. No matter what convincing excuse they give you, don’t give into it.

Is Tinder Safe For Teens

3. Block & Report Suspicious Tinder Users

If a user you’ve matched with or swiped right on is suspicious in any way, you can block and report them anonymously. Suspicious activity may include solicitation, offensive messages, and inappropriate in-person behavior.

4. Look Up Your Tinder Date

Is Tinder Safe To Pay

Even if the person you’ve matched with on Tinder seems safe, it doesn’t mean they actually are. The best way to make sure your date doesn’t have a shady past is by searching their name online. See if they are who they claim to be, and whether or not they have a criminal past. You can use an easy and affordable service like Kiwi Searches to do this!

Tinder Issues Today

5. Meet Your Tinder Date In Public

Always have your Tinder dates in public. It’s safer to have people around you in case your date ends up being shady or aggressive. This is important to do, until you really get to know who they are.

6. Tell A Friend Or Family Member About Your Date Plans

Inform a friend or family member about your Tinder date beforehand. So, in the event something happens, someone knows of your whereabouts and what the name of your date was.

7. Use Tinder’s Safety Features

Tinder does have a number of safety features for users to utilize. Photo verification provides users who are not catfishers, with a blue checkmark badge on their profile. Noonlight gives users a way to contact emergency services in the event a date moves sideways, and to let loved ones know when they are going on a date. The Does This Bother You? feature allows users to report messages that are offensive or inappropriate in any way.

So, is Tinder safe? Well, there’s always a risk of danger with any dating app or site you use. As long as you take the necessary Tinder safety precautions, you should be fine.

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