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Senior Dating Sites strives to be the most comprehensive, unbiased and objective resource for seniors who are looking for a safe and affordable online dating site to try out. On this website you'll find articles dealing with a range of topics including online safety, tips, rankings and reviews of the top dating sites, and many other topics designed to inform and educate Seniors interested in online dating. Finally, you will note that when available we list the latest online dating coupons and deals so that readers can take advantage of them. Enjoy!

Senior Dating Sites strives to be the most comprehensive, unbiased and objective resource for seniors who are looking for a safe and affordable online dating site to try out. On this website you'll find articles dealing with a range of topics including online safety, tips, rankings and reviews of the top dating sites, and many other topics. Here at 12meetsenior.com you will encounter people who are sincerely looking to meet other persons over 50. The types of relationship they are seeking are rich and varied. Some members look for friends or pen friends, and others for companions to spend their leisure time with. Mostly, however, our members are out to find the love of their life.


eHarmony.com has made a big name for itself among online dating sites and it has many good qualities. They feature patented in-depth personality tests that deliver matches to you based on common interests and personality traits. You can browse your matches for free but you cannot contact anyone unless you both have paid accounts. If you are serious about finding a match, eHarmony.com is an excellent choice. Most members have nothing but great things to say about this site.

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ChristianMingle.com dating service has been around since 1996 and it has thousands of members. They have a lot of good features such as chat rooms, a photo gallery, message boards and anonymous private mailboxes. Some users talk about the wonderful experience they've had using this site but others have complained of poor customer service and being ignored by the site management team. Some users have also reported running into scammers who only wanted to get money from them. Use this dating service with caution.

DEAL:Free to Browse

One of the largest dating sites currently available for both Christian and Catholic singles is BigChurch.com. They have a very impressive 300,000 members and they offer many excellent features that make it easy to meet the best matches. Some of their features include online chatting, Bible commentary and they have excellent search capabilities. They will also provide relationship guidance for those seeking a little extra help getting a new relationship off on the right foot. It’s a great dating site for those of the Christian or Catholic faith.

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Match.com is a great website with a 7-day free trial that offers users a chance to get to know one another before meeting in person. The detailed profiles and chat options make this site an excellent choice for those who are serious about finding matches with the potential to build a lasting relationship. Plus, the features Match.com offers are among the most exciting and advanced of dating sites on the web. It's free to join so why not do it today?

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CatholicMatch.com is known for being dedicated to its members and serious about promoting a good place for singles to meet. They do ask members questions to see if you agree with the Catholic teachings but you can still join even if you disagree. For this reason, it’s suggested that you view the profile well to see if you share the same beliefs before communicating with someone. Overall, ChristianMingle.com appears to be a good site where you can meet other Christian singles.

DEAL:Free Testing

Chemistry.com takes the profiles of over 14 million members from the United States and Canada and compare them using their detailed “personality traits test” to find the best matches. The downside is that it takes a long time to fill out the questionnaire. The good news is that they have had excellent results with this new, innovated approach to matching singles. Chemistry.com has earned a good reputation and is considered a great dating site.

DEAL:3 Months for the price of 1

BlackSingles.com is an online community catering to men and women searching for other African American singles to date. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re searching for someone to be friends with or for someone to have a serious relationship with that may lead to marriage. You can communicate by chat rooms, IM and the message boards but they don’t have email services. This is a popular dating site but some users have complained of running into scammers and people with fake profiles.

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AmoLatina.com is a dating site designed to match Latin women with foreign me. They have not been in business long but they do have a large database with many beautiful, real women and men searching for someone to form a lasting relationship with. The site is easy to navigate and they offer excellent customer service. It’s a reputable site that is highly recommended.

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Date.com has over two million members and it’s a great way to meet other singles looking for love and romance. With its high success rate, excellent features and ease of use, Date.com is one of your best options for online dating sites. Members have a lot of positive things to say about this service and many couples have ended up getting married, making it one of the best.

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BBWPersonalsPlus.com is well-known for its safe and interesting plus-sized community where everyone feels welcome. This site uses a “Core Color” matching system that’s easy to understand and there always seems to be hundreds of members online at any given time. BBWPersonalsPlus and many of its members host events where you can gather in a safe place to meet in person. It’s one of the best dating sites in this category.

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FriendFinder.com is the parent site to many other “friend finder” websites that branch off into smaller denominations such as race or religion. Since it is the main site to many smaller ones, it has a very large number of members who are located all over the world. They have a lot of great features that makes it easy to find matches in your area. Overall, it seems to be a good site without a lot of problems.

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Mingles.com is a free dating site that seems to put most of its focus on socializing instead of helping you find a match. If you want to hang out in a chat room hoping that someone comes along that you want to get to know better, this might be a good choice. However, if you’re serious about finding someone to date and forming a relationship, this is not your best option.

DEAL:Totally Free

SeniorFriendFinder.com is a very high ranked dating site where ease of use comes first. They are dedicated to making sure the users have all questions answered in a timely manner and offer an interface that is easy for anyone to master. New members are required to provide a valid email address but members are not screened so it’s possible to meet scammers. SeniorFriendFinder is a great place for seniors to meet and mingle but use this site with caution.

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SilverSingles.com is a good dating service that uses in-depth questionnaires, which gives you a good idea of what other members are like before you start up a conversation with them. The site is easy to navigate and it’s a good size community with active members. The main problem with the site is that the search capabilities are very limited, which makes finding a match harder. Overall, SilverSingles is a good, safe dating site with excellent customer service.

DEAL:Browse Matches Free

SeniorPeopleMeet.com is an online dating site dedicated to helping seniors meet. However, the website seems to be poorly monitored, which allows many scammers to run freely among the site. Often these scammers will ask you for money or personal information that should never be given out online. While this site can be a great tool for meeting other seniors with common relationship goals, you should watch carefully for warning signs so you can avoid falling victim to scams.

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AgeMatch.com is a dating site tailored to men and women who are looking for a relationship with someone either much younger or much older. This inter-generational trend stems from the fact that many people just do not connect with someone in their own age group and now there is a way for you to find others who feel the same and make a real connection. The downfall to AgeMatch is that you must pay for a membership to contact anyone and the number of profiles is considerably lower than you would expect. Otherwise, it’s a good dating site.

DEAL:Its FREE to Browse

SeniorMatch.com has the potential to be one of the best dating sites for seniors. There are many features that members can take advantage of to help them find the perfect match. Many of the profiles are legitimate but there is a rise of scammers on this website so you should stay alert and cautious when first meeting someone. Overall, you should be able to find a good match here but you must take steps to avoid the scammers.

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DatingForSeniors.com has a smaller member base than many of the other websites. While you could get lucky and meet the perfect companion, you may have to travel a bit or settle for a long-term relationship. The great thing about this dating site is that you can use a simple search to find matches or you can go into the “advanced options” and get a more detailed search. The monthly fee is higher than other sites in this category but they are a good site with lots of potential.

DEAL:FREE to Browse

SeniorDateFinder.com is an excellent site for meeting senior singles in your area but there are also younger members on this site. While this dating site is very user friendly and the sea of members increases the odds at finding someone you’re truly compatible with, the website itself is a little too simple. In other words, they don’t offer many of the features that most users have become accustomed to such as instant messaging, chat rooms and message boards. They do have picture profiles, detailed information and email exchange available but your communication options are limited compared to other sites that may cost a little less.

DEAL:Find Love, Romance and Friendship

12MeetSenior.com caters to seniors in the United Kingdom and Ireland but it is not limited to this area. Therefore, you will need to check profiles to see where users are from. They have a few unique features such as “favorites list” and a way to view your fans but they don’t have message boards and the site is a little outdated. They do require a lot of information in the profiles and everything must be completed in order to do a search. However, that helps to weed out scammers so it can be a good thing. It does appear to be a good, safe site but the monthly fees are higher than most dating services.

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Thank you for visiting Senior Dating Sites, where we have reviewed over one thousand top online dating websites in order to provide our readers with information about available online dating site coupons and deals. While a determination of what the best dating site is, is inherently a subjective decision, some of the factors we considered in our best dating site reviews include: safety, privacy, price, whether a free trial is offered, size of membership, activeness of membership, and dating site growth rate. We frequently update our reviews of the best dating sites, as well as check for the availability of best dating site coupons and deals. If, however, you believe that a coupon or deal is expired, or believe that we need to update some of our online dating site reviews, please email us.

Liking the same activities is what makes a good date.

Here are our top tips for seniors on finding love and romance through online dating site. It’s no surprise then that many senior men and women are using online websites to help them find dating partners and to search for romantic relationships. Many seniors are now discovering how useful the Internet can be to find others they want to hook up with and date.

You don’t have to be computer savvy to make use of the many dating sites on the Web today. Since some seniors struggle to catch on to the Internet and how it works, there are some dating sites that are specifically designed with you in mind to help you find the perfect date without getting lost in the process.

Senior Dating Sites

Here are some things that you need to know about using senior dating sites. While some of these tips apply to any dating site, there are some specific things seniors can learn about online dating services that will help you be the hottest senior on the block.
We suggest that you give yourself time to really research the sites before you just pull out your credit card and subscribe to the cheapest one or the first one you see. Most websites will allow you a free trial period so you can get a demo of the features, the community and the ease of use.

Take The First Steps

Your first step to finding success from a senior dating site is to determine what you want from the site. Are you looking for love, for friendship, for a quick “hook up”? There is no right or wrong answer; only the answer that applies to you and your situation.

Are you looking for a long-term relationship or marriage? Are you looking for someone from a certain spiritual or religious affiliation? These are all important things to work out in the beginning so that you know exactly what you’re getting into as you prepare to sign up for dating sites and search profiles for the right person for you.

Some other things to consider about dating are how much you are willing to spend on dates and on the dating sites themselves. Are you looking for free sites or are you willing to spend a little more to get into private or more specific sites to meet the person you will date?

Choosing Senior Dating Sites that Meet Your Needs

12meetsenior Com Senior Dating

Once you have a good idea of what it is you want from senior dating sites and from the entire dating experience, you’re ready to start shopping for sites. It’s important to find a dating site that properly meets your needs. This means you might need to sign up for several websites, try them all out for a bit and go with the one or two that best meets your needs.

There are no rules on how many dating sites you can use at once but too many will be difficult to keep up with. It’s best to find the one (or possibly two) that meet your needs the closest and that you are the most comfortable with using and then maximize your time and energy spent into just these sites.

Create a Memorable Profile

Once you have the site you want to go with, it’s time to create your profile. This is the most important part of the online dating scene- at least when it comes to getting started. Your profile is not just about attracting people to you for a potential date. It’s actually about attracting the right kind of person to you. You’ll just be wasting everyone’s time if you falsify into on the dating profile and hook up with someone based on lies.

If you ever try to meet in person, some lies will be obvious and those that are not could still be deal-breakers if the truth is revealed. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to go down this route. Instead, create a memorable but honest profile that helps describe you as well as what you are looking for in a date.

Here are some basic tips on making your profile:

  • Fill out all the info the site asks you for
  • Use a clear, recently taken photo of yourself
  • Use a headshot for your main profile image – most sites allow other photos to be uploaded as well
  • Be honest and be yourself
  • Avoid negativity- it will attract negative people
  • Avoid bitterness about your past- same reason as above; it attracts the wrong people
  • Tell a little about your hobbies and enjoyments
  • Tell a little about what you’re looking for in a date
  • Don’t reveal any personal or identifying information in the profile

Have Online Dates before you Arrange for In-Person Dates

Once you are online and set up with a profile, you might be excited about meeting people. It’s important that you don’t jump too quickly into meeting someone in person. No matter how great they seem from their profile or online, it’s also a good idea to have several online dates or e-dates before agreeing to meet a person in person.

You might do this through a chat feature and some people even enjoy using video chat. Many dating sites have this feature set up through their site or you can use Skype or a messenger system to have an e-date.

If things go poorly on your virtual dates, then there is a good chance you are not going to want to go for an in-person date with this person. You could be saving yourself a lot of time, money and hassle by taking the time to get to know him or her better first.

When You’re Ready to Meet in Person, Be Safe

You’re never too old to be safe while dating. Seniors have usually already been through a lot in their lives and you have the life experiences to help you spot when something is wrong. At the same time, it’s possible that you have been out of the dating scene for some time and your intuition may not be just how it used to be when it comes to these types of things.

Regardless of your situation or how often you have dated, you never know for certain who you are meeting when you meet through an online dating site so it’s always a good idea to practice extra safety precautions each time.

Here are some tips for being safe with your online senior date:

  • Meet your date in a public place with plenty of other people around
  • Do not reveal your home address or allow your date to pick you up
  • Let a friend or family member know when and where you are going and who you are meeting
  • Have a cell phone with you and handy in case of emergency
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages that can hinder your thinking and inhibitions
  • Always know where you food and drink came from (to avoid getting slipped something dangerous)
  • Trust your instincts and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t feel pressured to stay

These are just a few quick tips to using a senior dating site. The more you use the sites, the more you will learn about how to get the most from them and to find what you are looking for.


Dating again can be daunting for a divorced or widowed person.

As a senior, there is a good chance you have lost your partner to divorce or death and find yourself back into the dating pool at an older age. In a way, this is more difficult than it was when you were dating as a teenager. Back then, you didn’t know what you wanted out of life so everything was an adventure. You had the rest of your life ahead of you so it didn’t matter so much if you didn’t find the right guy or girl right away.

As a senior things are completely different. You’re probably not as adventurous as you used to be and most people are set in their ways. You have lived a certain way for many years so you don’t want to change to be what someone else may want but if you don’t, you may be worried that you won’t find someone who is truly interested in you.

You also don’t have as much time as you used to and therefore, you don’t want to waste time with the wrong person. These things make it harder to date after divorce or death of a loved one. You may also hesitate getting back out into the dating game because you’re afraid you won’t find someone you’re compatible with.

After spending a long time with one person, you get into a routine and all of that’s going to change when you start dating someone else. Even if you like the same things, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be doing them the way you’re used to and that is a little scary for anyone.

The good news is that there are tips and suggestions that can help make dating after divorce or death much easier. Applying these tips will help give you confidence and make the experience more fun and exciting, the way it used to feel years ago.

Don’t Rush Things

The first thing that you need to do is take some time to heal from your loss. If you lose someone that you love and that you’ve been with for years, it’s going to hurt and you need time to get over that person. Jumping right out into the dating world before you have time to heal is setting yourself up for disaster.

If you’ve gotten a divorce after years of marriage, you’re going to have a lot of resentment for that person especially if you’ve spent a lot of years together. You may feel like you gave that person the best years of your life for nothing. Trying to move forward when harboring these negative feelings is not going to work. It will be hard to trust anyone and you may even begin to resent them even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

Take Time for Yourself

Once you’ve began to heal from the divorce or death of a loved one, you need to take some time for yourself. Get to know the real you, not the person you became for your partner. You may be exactly the same but some people discover that they want to do things differently, that they just fell into a routine with their partner because they were together so long.

Take time to discover new hobbies and learn what makes you truly happy and go from there. For example, do you like going to bed at a certain time each night or watching the same TV show every night or do you do it because it’s a habit? Have you always wanted to change your eating habits but it was too difficult if you had to cook for someone else or if they cooked for you? Do you need to begin an exercise routing to help improve your health? Now is the time to do all the things you always wanted to, but never could.

Have an Open Mind, Consider Dating Online

There are a lot of different personalities in the world and you need to have an open mind when you get back in the dating game. You are not going to find someone just like the person you loved and lost and that might be a good thing. However, if you’re searching for a specific type of person and you’re not willing to compromise or date someone that is different from what you expect, you’re going to have problems.

This doesn’t mean that you should compromise your values. It just means that you should set realistic guidelines and look for someone that meets your critique but don’t go overboard.

Not only do you need to have an open mind when it comes to who you date, you also need to be open to new ways to meet other people. Things have changed a lot through the years and if you’ve been out of the dating game for a long time, you may find it difficult to meet others. One of the best ways for seniors to meet new people is to use a senior dating site.

Many seniors laugh at the idea and say they would never do that but why not give it a try? What do you have to lose? As long as you use a reliable dating site and learn ways to stay safe when meeting others and providing personal information, it’s a great way to meet many new friends and you just may find that one person that you want to get to know better.

Let the Past Go

One of the hardest things to do as a senior is to let the past go especially if you’ve spent many years with someone. The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you had, it’s still hard to let go of it. If you had a long, loving relationship with someone and you were very happy together and you don’t let go of the past, then you’ll never be happy because you’ll never find anyone to fill those shoes. You will always be comparing the people you meet to that person and no one will be good enough.

On the other hand, if you had a bad relationship that finally ended in divorce and you don’t let go of the past, you’ll always be worried that anyone you meet will be the same way. You’ll be afraid to make a commitment or even to give anyone else a chance because on some level, you’ll be afraid that it’ll turn out the same way and that’ll you’ll never be happy.

You also don’t want to talk about your past relationship when you’re getting to know someone else. This is your time together when you’re getting to know each other and not the time to talk about the life you used to have. There will come a time when you’ll sit down together and talk about your past partner whether it was good or bad but when you’re first getting to know someone is not the time.

Always Be Honest

12meetsenior Com Senior Dating

It can be tempting to bend the truth a little especially when you’re meeting others through an online dating site. You may want to use that picture taken 10 years ago because you looked great instead of a current one or you may be tempted to pretend to be a little more well off financially than you really are but don’t.

Always be honest and when you find someone that you hit it off with, it’ll be real. When you meet, you won’t have to explain that the photo was taken years ago or that you’re really just getting by financially. Instead, you can spend your time getting to know each other better and moving on with your new life and new love if the connection continues to grow.

When learning how to date after divorce or death, don’t be too hasty to find love. It will come in time but if you try to rush it just to fill a lonely heart, it can cause problems and you may not choose a good match. Learn other more constructive ways to deal with your loneliness and then when the right person comes along, you’ll be ready for them.

Online dating doesn’t have to feel like you’re dating blind.

Did you know that online senior dating sites are among the fastest growing websites in the world, giving the senior set more options than ever before. Along with those options come plenty of other considerations. Safety, dependability, personal preferences and simplicity are four common considerations, but others come into play as well. Trying to find the right senior dating website for you is not nearly as complicated as it might sound. It simply requires one to take their time and do their homework.

What do I really want to find?

When you think about specialized websites, the drill runs deeper than just calling them senior websites. They offer websites that are even more specialized than that. Perhaps you are looking for an Asian senior date? Perhaps you simply want a senior that is open to a physical only type of relationship? No matter what you are looking for, there is a dating website that will likely provide your needs. That said, you need to do some homework about what you want to find in a date.

Once you know the details about what you are looking for, then you can start to narrow down some of the websites that are out there with these simple parameters. Always start with what you want, because the rest does not matter if they don’t provide what you are looking for anyway.

Test out the function of the website

I won’t say that seniors are slow on the computer and technical uptake because many are far beyond us young whippersnappers, but a large portion does struggle with computers. That said, finding a website that you can surf easily and quickly is a very big deal. The last thing you want is to find that senior you have been searching for, but be unable to contact her to say hello. Test drive the site before you sign up and make sure you like how things work. If they do not offer a test drive, then simply move on. There are plenty of senior dating websites that do.

Check to see how you interact

Most of these dating sites offer some types of forums or interaction areas where you can come in and say hello. This allows for folks to talk anonymously unless they decide they would like to meet. This is a great way to meet folks without any pressure, and you should be looking for this feature for certain.

Another exciting way to connect is through something called a chat room. This is exactly what it sounds like, but it is in real time. You can come in and talk live to others in a group setting. This is very popular because you get a cleaner feel for what someone is like in comparison to a message board or forum. Because the conversation is in real time, you can really weed out some folks here. The undesirables have a way of standing out rather obviously in chat rooms.

12meetsenior Com Senior Dating Site

12meetsenior Com Senior Dating

Most of these websites also offer private messaging as well. This is nice because you can directly speak to someone that you might be interested in via an email like platform. This can be very good if you are concerned about being turned down in a public area like the forums or chat rooms. Spend some time looking for profiles that you like, and then send out a private, personalized message that they will appreciate.

12meetsenior Com Senior Dating

Detailed profiles means better matches

When you sign up with a dating website, be very wary if they only ask you a handful of shallow questions. You should be filling out all type of information about what you like, want and desire in a mate. You should be giving out no personal information on your profile, as this should be secret until you are ready to meet with them and choose to tell them.

When you get shallow reviews, you get horrible matches most of the time. The websites that have you fill out all kinds of questions about what you like and dislike often pair up folks that match beautifully. Look for that type of website when you search for the right one for you. Seniors know more of what they want than anybody, so it makes sense to have a complete profile in place.

What about privacy?

If you are not getting totally anonymity, then you are with the wrong senior dating website. Never give out your personal information in your profile or other areas of your website. This is a sure-fire way to draw trouble to your doorstep in a world where criminals will look for any way in. Keep that stuff to yourself and make sure your website is doing the same. Always ask about privacy and how they protect you before signing up. This is a great way to find out if that customer service line actually works. Dial it up and ask the right questions.

Don’t dismiss your gut feelings

Like anything else in life, you will know the right place when you hit it. Online dating websites are like a good or bad date; you know when you get one. The problem with the bad dating sites is that you often have already given them monthly dues before you realize it is not the site for you. This is why it is so important to make certain you have a test drive of the site. Your gut will not lead you astray if you listen to it. If something feels weird, chances are it probably is.

Use the scattershot approach

When you sign up for a senior dating website, it is a great idea to sign up for more than one. Why limit yourself to only one option? Most of the websites require no obligation to cruise around and play with the various interfaces, so come in and give it a whirl. If you try several websites, then you are much more likely to find what you really want. This is true also of your approach to finding the right mate. Speak with several, find what you like, and then dig in and investigate further.

Never forget safety issues when you are dating online

Once you find that special website that offers what you are looking for, keep some basic safety precautions in mind:

  • Never give out private info too soon.
  • Always double date or have an emergency standby person on your first date.
  • Drive yourself to and from the date.
  • Make certain you date somewhere in public at first.
  • Avoid all alcohol and various other mind altering substances.
  • Keep your safety in mind at all times.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Make sure you are careful when you leave that you are not followed.

There are more precautions to be taken, of course, but these are the most common. If you are careful and do your homework, senior online dating websites can be a huge help towards finding that special someone later in life. The benefits of having these sites can’t be understated. Even people that are disabled are now finding folks that are looking for companionship. Having a digital world to look around in helps a great deal when you can’t get around like you used to. Not many seniors can head out every Friday and Saturday night looking for love randomly. Online senior dating sites make their work a little easier, and their fun as well.

Take advantage of these special time limited offers to try out the service and save on the cost of your next dating membership.

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