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BLK is the FREE app for Black men and women to connect based on similar interests and likes. You can meet new friends, or match for #relationshipgoals! #BLK #datingapp #Review Be sure to follow me on IG, Facebook and Twitter @melvinsward Written by: Melvin WardDirected by: Melvin WardEdited by: Melvin WardIn.

Finding true love on the Internet is quite a daunting challenge, considering that you often end up with recommended matches that you don’t like. Most black daters don’t seek an interracial relationship, yet signing up for a general dating site they are bombarded with offers from users who aren’t black. Instead of trying to specify your preference on your profile page, try becoming a member at a black dating site, where the admin team guarantees that only valid black singles seek your attention. If you are new to online dating, let us guide you through the first steps, and show you how to make the most out of online dating through dating sites and apps.

Getting Started with Dating Black Singles

For those who are longing for a loving relationship, online dating can be the convenient answer. Traditional methods – such as blind dates and speed dates – are less effective, as you either end up with one partner you share no chemistry with, or meet a group of random partners you can barely talk to. Online dating both delivers an astonishingly large amount of singles in your vicinity and guarantees you have all the time on your hands to get to know each other. Online dating is also very convenient, because you can do it at your home or from your mobile, thanks to smartphone apps. Online dating also stands above dating agencies, because it’s more affordable, and you have greater control over whom you can get matched with.

Checking Reviews for the Right Dating Site

Despite the fact that dating sites meant for black daters only are fairly common, it can still cause some trouble to find the right one. The best way to start your search for the perfect dating site is by checking reviews that put black dating sites to a respective category, thus you can discover all the top black dating sites from one place. The reviews by our dating experts have unveiled that BlackPeopleMeet and BlackSingles are both good starters. Reviews are also useful in the sense that they provide some insight, showing the pros and cons of each service. Casual daters are unaware of the subtle differences between two promising offers. Alternatively, you can give general dating platforms a go as well, and use the filtering option to strain off unwanted profiles.

Try for Free

There is no such thing as a free meal, says the proverb, but dating sites beg to differ. You see, most dating platforms, including those that are targeting black singles, have a double-layered membership system. Everyone is allowed to register and create a profile without an upfront payment. Free accounts remain free forever, and are merely deactivated if you decide to cancel it. The basic profile is fully customizable, and you have all the tools and options to start hunting for the love of your life. Your search comes to a screeching stop when you wish to get in touch with the apple of your eye, though. The ability to send and receive messages (as well as live chatting) is what typically counts as a premium feature. Sometimes the system offers a trial period that unlocks all the features for a limited amount of time, but it’s a rare sight. The best way to exploit the free spin is to explore your possibilities, and see for yourself whether you prefer the site or not. Before settling for your final candidate, try as many dating sites as you can.

Black Dating Apps

Online dating is much more convenient from your smartphone. It’s a fact. You are free to move around the house, chat from the sofa, or even let your dating business tag along with you while out in town. Companies realized the potential of the smartphone generation, and most dating sites have their own dating apps. A word of advice for black daters: set up a profile from your computer’s browser, and then switch gears to the smartphone. Apps are designed to feature larger profile pictures and they condense information in an ergonomic way, with less empty spaces. This makes the mingling and browsing a far better experience.

Dating Advice for Black Daters

Black dating sites don’t differ much from regular dating sites meant for everyone. You can expect stronger community management, because dating sites specialized for a single group tends to avoid people who don’t match the criteria. Black daters should expect a smaller overall user base, as black-only dating sites usually have fewer members. Last but not least, don’t forget to check the site’s reputation before joining it. Reviews help you tell apart phony sites from excellent services. Checking out user reviews and ratings, and researching forums and social media are also useful.

And as a final piece of advice, let us recommend you four dating sites that may be rewarding for black singles.

Black Professionals: EliteSingles

EliteSingles is a dating site that supports the strong romantic bond between intellectual singles. The service is only available in North America, but there are sister sites for other countries. For one, EliteSingles has an audience with mixed ethnicities, but this can be solved with the detailed filtering function in your personal search preferences. EliteSingles promises 3-7 potential contacts each day, and the registration is free. We also recommend completing the personality test, since it’s not only fun to do, but also increases your chances to find a partner.

Black Christians: Christian Cafe

Black Christians should seek out dating sites catering to the Christian community, if their belief is what matters in their relationship. Christian Cafe is a great place to find companionship or just communicate with like-minded Christians. It has a unique matchmaking system that factors your religious values as well, and couples it with a layered profile system. Christian Cafe is also strong on mobile, providing an app for both iOS and Android users. Even though free accounts aren’t on the table, you can still see for yourself how it works with the 10-day trial period.

Black Seniors: Senior FriendFinder

Unfortunately there are no dating sites meant for black seniors, thus we recommend Senior FriendFinder. The staff promises to review every single dater profile and even check the photographs, as a countermeasure against scammers. The site is targeted towards the aging community above their 60s, and the site presents free registration (with certain limitations) and a smartphone app. Black seniors are recommended to use the matchmaking engine’s special filter, so they only find other black seniors.

Black Only Dating Site: BlackSingles

Blk Dating Reviews

Black Singles’ main mission statement is to provide dating opportunities and an intimate online atmosphere for black singles. To fulfill this promise, they provide a simplistic profile system that is boosted with features such as the “secret admirer” function, and a personal Q&A. You can also mingle with random profiles on BlackSingles. The site prides itself in its strict authentication that deletes any fake users before they could even finish the customization of their profile.

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Blk Dating App Reviews

So you’re open to the idea of online dating and willing to give it (another) shot, but not sure which dating sites should you use? Black dating apps like Soul Swipe, MELD, and BAE were created specifically for black people and offer more for the community than other dating apps. Here, I talk about these apps, and what each offers, to help you decide which app can finally help you take a shot at love.


Soul Swipe, MELD, BAE 3 Dating Apps For Black Singles

In this article:

The Online Search For Your Soul Mate

You’ve heard a lot about a free dating app called Tinder, and you decide to download it, create your Tinder profile, and start to swipe left or right. It’s as easy as swiping left if you don’t like what you see, or swiping right if you think you’re a match.

If you’re like millions of black singles who have tried to swipe to find your soul mate, you’ve probably deleted Tinder after your first conversation. You may have been overlooked by people you really liked and messaged by the kinds of people you’d never meet in real life. And, if you’re open to dating outside your race, you’re not sure if the person who contacted you is really into you or if he sees you as a sexual fetish.


Thus, it’s no wonder you’ve been tempted to delete all your dating apps once and for all. But, did you know there are apps designed specifically for black singles? These hot new apps bring together the black community and help men and women swipe for love in a safe space. Here are my top three you should try today:

1. Soul Swipe

Soul Swipe dating app was one of the first dating apps to be called “The Black Tinder.” The app connects to your Facebook account and begins sending you profiles to view based on your location settings. From there, you “let your soul do the swiping!” If you and a potential match both swipe right, then, you are allowed to chat with each other.

What you should know:

Word on the street is that Soul Swipe reviews emphasize the app has a similar reputation as Tinder. It’s a site for casual daters, but that just means you have to do your work and screen through a lot of profiles to sort through the game players.


Elite Black Dating App “MELD” Hosts Event in Manhattan, New York City @MELD_app@BlackNews

— blicqer™ (@blicqer) July 5, 2015

If casual dating isn’t your thing, then, you’ll want to try out MELD dating app, which was created for black professionals. The MELD app follows the same swiping concept as Tinder and Soul Swipe, but the dating pool is more selective. The creators of the app understood that for many black singles, it was important they connect with someone whose lifestyle, education level, and financial stability were compatible with their own. So, the MELD dating app was designed to connect to your LinkedIn account instead of Facebook.

What you should know:

  1. The app has a greater base of users in areas where there’s a higher concentration of high achievers and high-income earners. If you’re in or around Atlanta, DC, LA, or Chicago, you’re more likely to have more profiles to look at than a person who lives in a tiny town in Mississippi. This just means you should be open to a long-distance relationship if you want to be successful with the app.
  2. There’s a paywall feature, meaning you can only look at 10 profiles per day for free. If you want more, you’ll need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. The creators say this was done purposefully because they wanted only serious daters to use their apps. This means there are fewer people online who are playing games.

3. BAE

Student founder turns down Microsoft & Google to build his black dating app 'Bae':

— The Root (@TheRoot) March 31, 2016

The newest—and largest—black dating app on the scene is BAE, which stands for Before Anyone Else. Whereas the creators of MELD wanted to meet the needs of professional singles, the creators of BAE have an ambitious goal of having every single black person in the world download the app to their smartphone.

BAE was born when co-creators and biological brothers Brian and Justin Gerrard noticed their white male friend had 50 matches on Tinder in one week, while their African American male friend had only five. As a way to address the racial discrimination many black daters experience in cyberspace, the brothers, along with a friend, created the app and launched it at Howard University.

What you should know:

  1. As a newer app, BAE appeals to millennials and has many college-aged users as well as more established alumni.
  2. You can potentially have more matches on this app, as users can view up to 30 profiles every eight hours.

Blk Dating App Reviews

Watch this interview from A League of Her Own with Justin Gerrard, one of the creators of BAE app:
Online dating is challenging, especially when you’ve got more melanin than the average Tinder user, but apps like Soul Swipe, MELD, and BAE are hoping to change the online dating scene for black singles. The type of dating site you choose can mean the difference between frustration and finding true love. Give these new black dating apps a try, and begin your journey to finding long-term relationships. Who knows, your new bae may be a swipe away!

Which dating app will you try? We want to know your answer in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on April 20, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.