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The App/Site has three different message and alert type, each has its own unique alert icon. Likes: When a user presses the like button, dependant on the The App/Site this will be: Thumbs Up, Simile, Flame, Butterfly. Flirt: This alert is sent between users who broadly match each other.

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  • California based Dating App with events for date ideas. Online dating for singles. Date to save money. Made with LOVE for LOVE. Sorry if you haven’t felt the butterflies yet, let us help you with the find. Find someone similar enough to be lovable yet different enough to be explored.
  • Butterfly was first launched in Hong Kong in 2013, and have since accumulated over 120,000 local lesbian members. There are 3 key functions: 1. Forum - feel free to join the forum on topics of your interests. Leabians share their daily life, hobbies, love affairs, and issues on LGBTQ+, gender and sexuality.
  • Butterfly, a dating app aimed at trans people, automatically censors messages that contain transphobic abuse in an effort to better protect its users. The app features an auto-correct feature.
ButterflyMany transgender dating apps and sites fetishise transgender folk and at Butterfly we feel this is degrading. It's likely you will have had first-hand experience with these sites. Many have top positions in the app stores as a result of fraudulent reviews to boost their ratings. We have campaigned for the removal of these apps until they change their product descriptions and safeguard their members. As a result wegenerated some excellent coverage from leading media outlets such as Thompson Reuters, but we stillhave a long way to go.Butterfly

Media coverage

International media are also interested in our efforts to transform transgender dating, here are a selection of outlets that have featured Butterfly.

Comprehensive gender options

Butterfly allows users to use the following gender options:

Agender, Androgyne,Bigender,FTM,Gender Fluid,Gender Nonconforming,Gender Questioning,Gender Variant,Genderqueer,Intersex,MTF,Pangender,Transgender,Transgender Female,Transgender Male,Transgender Person,Transsexual,Transsexual Female,Transsexual Male,Transsexual Person,Two-Spirit.

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In combination with the following sexualities:


Butterfly Dating App Review

Butterfly Dating App

Transgender first dating

Butterfly was designed as a trans dating site and app from the beginning, it has not been retro-fitted. This is critical from a deep technical standpoint which we will spare you all the fine details, but this does include:

Fluid profiles
Members can change their profile's gender or sexuality at any time allowing a single account to be used through anyones transition.

Anonymous if you wish
It's not essential to share your identity if you're not ready to do so. The only personal data required is an email address and you can even set up a new address just for dating that is not associated directly to you.

No social media sign-up
Butterfly doesn't force you to sign up through a personal social media account.

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If you like the approach of Butterfly please come and join us today and remember to make suggestionsfor improvements if there is anything you think could be better. It's the members that truly completeButterfly.For a full review of Butterfly please see a comprehensive write up on Dating Advice as well as Dating News.