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  • Fitness Singles is the dating site to find active singles that share your passion for running and other fitness activities.
  • Fitness Singles is a dating site best for singles who have an active lifestyle. What makes this dating site unique is that it promotes fitness dating, which means that online daters can engage in physical activities together, like jogging, swimming, playing tennis, and the like. It has already produced numerous successful relationships.
Fitness singles mobile

Fitness Singles: dating for sporting enthusiasts. Intended primarily for singles with a dynamic way of life, Fitness Singles offers fitness dating which includes exercising together and supporting each other in healthy lifestyle habits. Founded in 2003, the site caters to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and sexual preferences.

In the world of online dating, there are several applications that you can opt for. Tinder is a widespread dating site, but let’s not forget about all the other great legendary online dating apps, which especially have a targeted audience. Fitness Singles is one of those dating services. This has made the news quite some times, and they are trendy among their targeted audience.

Fitness Singles Mobile

As the name suggests, this dating service is for fitness lovers, those fitness and workout freaks. Its easier to form a bond with someone who has common interests with you. Therefore this dating site is particularly for fitness freaks who are looking for a gym buddy or a serious relationship with someone having common interests.

If you have heard about Fitness Singles and have been confused about whether to opt for it or not, then no worries because we are here today to review the Fitness Singles, which might help you in reaching your decision. So without much further ado, let’s get right into it.


  • 4 Pros and Cons
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How Does Fitness Singles Work?

Well, it’s not too much different than the other dating sites. To get started, you have to create your profile by adding information about yourself to it. Since this app is revolving around fitness and exercise, you have to list your favorite sport and which level you are at in that particular sport.

Next, you have you add other personal information about yourself. You can also add your biodata so as to entice more suitors or to make sure that you get what you are looking for. You have to upload your pictures (preferably, some of them should be you playing your preferred sport) along with your bio.

After that, you are set up to search for your companion. You can do random searches, or you can look at the recommendation list of potential matches according to the info entered. If you like someone, you can strike up a conversation with them.

As you go on using the site, you will fall more in pace with the site, and then you will be at ease. Online dating can be intimidating, but there is no need to worry. You can choose who you talk to or meet with. It’s all up to you.

Sign up Process

The sign-up process of Fitness Singles is a little bit hectic, but it’s not that bad, and it’s over soon if you keep your patience. Entering the information about yourself is common on all dating sites, but in this one, you have to also enter about their primary fitness activities.

Another unique feature is that the users have you mention about their body type and features. While it may seem too revealing to some, but its common among fitness buddies, several other personal information about the user is asked to be entered.

Finally, a profile headline is asked to be entered along with a series of pictures (after all, a picture speaks a thousand words). Do make sure to review your information before completing the sign-up process once and for all.

Fitness Singles Plans and Pricing

Of course, you have to pay a fee to access this dating app. There are several plans for you to choose from so you can take your pick. We have listed all the offers available below. However, we personally recommend using the premium membership because, in that way, you get the most out of it:

PlanCost Cost Per Month Saving vs. 1 Month
One Month$39.99$39.990% Savings
Three Months$65.97$21.9945% Savings
Six Months $143.88$23.9840% Savings

Pros and Cons


There are several pros and cons in Fitness Singles. Nothing is perfect in this world. There are always two sides to the coin. It is true that though the pros are more than the cons, and that’s the reason why this fitness app has been so popular among their targeted audience. But for the sake of giving you an unbiased opinion, we will provide both the pros and cons of this app. You can look at both of them and then reach an informed conclusion.


  • It is a very straight forward website with an easy interface that can also be easily understood and used by tech novices. Its also user friendly.
  • Since every member is required to enter their primary fitness activities in their info, it becomes easier for one to search for people with common interests.
  • They offer a large number of options for you to choose from, so you never have to be stagnant.


  • The interface is too simple for some people. They do not find it innovating or enticing.
  • The text on the home page is tiny and is very difficult to read (especially for visually impaired people).
  • Some also complain that there are not many features available for a paid dating website. But that’s totally relative and differs from one person to another.

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Fitness Singles Scam

In conclusion, we will like to state that there are several other dating sites available on the web. It’s up to you to make the call. We are not in any way, asking you to make up your decision right now. Also, we have considered this dating site called Fitness Singles today. We have given you a detailed review of the site to the best of our ability.

Fitness Singles Mobile App

Yes, of course, there are some cons in Fitness Singles too, but nothing is without disadvantage. Even if you check out other dating sites, you will always find some faults. If you are a fitness freak and single on the lookout for a partner (whether just a fitness partner or a romantic partner or both), then you should give this site a try.

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It is not that it is all bad. It has made its mark, so it resonates well with its targeted audience. We hope that you have found this article useful and that it has helped you (even if only a little bit!) to reach your final decision.