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  1. Kelleher International founder Jill Kelleher created an upscale matchmaking firm in 1986 to accommodate those that can’t risk going to a dating service. The more successful you are, the more private you are with your personal life. We save you from the hassles of blind dating by providing you screened eligible singles who meet your criteria.
  2. Upscale and professional matchmaking service. Elite Matchmaking Services from Exquisite Introductions. Exquisite Introductions provides exclusive luxury matchmaking services for professionals, CEOs and successful individuals. Whether you’re looking for a casual date or a lifelong commitment, our team of matchmaking experts will.
  3. Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Upscale Matchmaking Service. This is Serious Matchmaking. We’re tenacious, relentless, passionate, and obsessed with finding the perfect match for our clients. Responsible for over 4,000 marriages so far, we strive to be the best in the world at what we do.
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Matchmaking Agency

Welcome to the world’s most exclusive upscale matchmaker service. If you are looking for an exceptionally private, upscale matchmaking and dating venue, SEI Club is perfect for you. Here at SEI Club we understand the deeper meaning and value of having thriving, loving relationships. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful.


Some men are asking whether upscale matchmaking services actually work not. Some matchmaking agencies are great because they have useful resources that can help elite singles find true love in record time.

  • Upscale matchmaking agencies collect candidate’s dating profiles and interview each candidate in person.

Professional matchmaking agencies such as meet with each female candidate in person. Basically, that means every Ukrainian woman who is looking to marry a western man must attend an interview in their office in Ukraine. Therefore, single women on are qualified leads verified by the upscale matchmaker. And you don’t need to worry about the quality of their candidates – the matchmaker has checked each female candidate’s ID and other relevant information.

  • Competent matchmakers understand human dynamics & psychology and can match you with the right candidate quickly.

Well-known matchmaking agencies employ highly qualified counsellors to become their matchmakers. That means the individual who introduces ladies to you went to university to study pragmatic psychology and truly understands romantic relationships.

Your matchmaker possibly knows you better than you know yourself! Isn’t that interesting?!

Usually, a matchmaker is also a counsellor who can give you dating advice. Indeed, you are a client who has paid them fees; thus, they are supposed to help you in this regard and you will get the value from this experience.

  • Why are upscale matchmaking agencies more expensive than mainstream dating sites and dating apps?

Most mainstream dating websites and dating apps never offer personalized help; consequently, the quality of their services cannot justify a higher membership fee. That’s why most dating sites and dating apps are usually cheaper than upscale matchmaking services.

Some dating sites and dating apps are free as they monetize their members’ attention by showing ads on their platforms. By contrast, a professional matchmaking agency has to interview each candidate and check everyone’s ID documents carefully. Most of them hire psychologists to work with them as well so their clients can get what they deserve.

That also explains why the success rate is higher in an upscale matchmaking agency, compared to mainstream dating sites and dating apps.

  • Why should you use a matchmaking agency?

I know some men are put off by the high fees at professional matchmaking agencies. A British guy in his 60s once contacted a matchmaking agency and discovered that the fee is pretty high. He called that agency when he was in his 50s. As he didn’t take the calculated risk, he tried to find a woman through other approaches. Sadly, he has no courage to join a dating app or a dating site either, as he is worried that many local people will recognize him on an online dating platform.

As a consequence, he asked some friends to post personal ads on some forums without showing his picture. Unfortunately, several ladies contacted him and stopped talking to him after seeing his picture later on.

Those women told him that they are “too busy” to meet him in person, and he chooses to believe that lame excuse as he just wants to feel better.

Now his friends have left him because no one wants to post personal ads on a forum for free anymore. He is a loser who has no courage to fix his own problems.

In this day and age, if you are unable to use a high-risk, high-reward approach to get the love life that you desire, you just can’t get what you want. This is the uncomfortable truth that everyone must accept. Period.

Obviously, this British guy was trying to save money in his 50s, but he has lost is most valuable asset, i.e. his time. He can always get his money back, yet he can’t get his time back! Sad but true

Yes, now this guy is still saving money in his 60s and he will keep saving his money forever, but the problem is: he only lives once.

Well, honestly, if he is okay with loneliness, he can just be with his money, which is perfectly fine. But he doesn’t like loneliness at all. Worse still, time is not on his side now as he will be 70 pretty soon. Right now, he is wondering why his friends have left his social circle & he is probably checking out a beautiful lady who is dating another guy and thinking, “Why can’t I marry a wife like that?!”

In summary, every guy looking for a wife should truly understand the importance of taking calculated risks early and take action accordingly.

  • An upscale matchmaking agency usually has offices in multiple countries.

For example, is an upscale matchmaking agency with offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Ukraine. Their Ukrainian office interviews every Ukrainian lady in person and checks every female candidate’s dating profile carefully.

If you visit their Ukrainian office, they can introduce several suitable ladies to you so that your international trip will be fruitful.

High End Matchmaking Services Toronto provides clients with legitimate and high-end matchmaking services.

High Class Matchmaking Services

Let’s say you are a western guy looking for a Ukrainian bride. You can meet any woman you want if you are the owner of Miss Universe or Donald Trump. By the way, Donald Trump was the owner of Miss Universe. But chances are you are neither the owner of Miss Universe nor Donald Trump if you are reading this article right now. But I think you are probably a successful and confident guy, because it is said that weak men tend to be attracted to western women who believe in feminism, whereas masculine men like feminine and traditional ladies from Eastern Europe. (Source: Lady, book written by Roosh V)

In that case, you certainly deserve a high-end service from! You’ve worked hard all your life and now you deserve an elegant wife.

To be honest, people who know how to make money aren’t the luckiest individuals on the planet; those who know how to enjoy their money are the luckiest people of all.

If you spend money on hiring an upscale matchmaking agency, your money will work for you – you will find true love quickly.


Yes, hiring is about meeting eligible candidates effortlessly. Realistically, professional matchmaking agencies have more female candidates, whilst mainstream dating apps and dating sites have many more men than women. Thus, if you are a guy looking for love, you should avoid mainstream dating apps and sites where there are too many competitors and not enough women.

  • Why Eastern European brides are the best wives:

First and foremost, Eastern European mail-order brides are not thinking about feminism, so they still have traditional values and want to look after their husbands and kids. If you believe in traditionalism, you should totally marry an Eastern European wife.

Second, Eastern European ladies look better because they are slim and feminine. If a woman’s beauty is important to you, you must consider marrying an Eastern European bride.

Lastly, Eastern European ladies are honest people – they don’t play mind games with men.

“If you are sick and tired of western women who play games with men, you may hire an upscale matchmaking agency that can introduce Eastern European mail-order brides to you.”