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With more than 700.000 active members, this is the largest Japanese dating site on the internet. And even though you can't expect the same response rates that you would get on Thai or Filipina dating sites, it is still the best option for Western men who want to meet women from Japan. Join Japan Cupid For FREE. Beautiful Women. I have been on the site the past month, have met some genuine and truly beautiful Japanese Singles. Traveling to Japan in a couple of months and can't wait to meet some of them. Good for meeting.

JapanCupid is one of the largest online dating site for meeting Japanese girls on your next trip to Japan. Where Japanese women can meet foreign dudes like you for connections, dates and hook-ups all in one place. With hot girls and easy match-matching, JapanCupid will surely changing your dating game when you’re in Japan. In this JapanCupid review, we’ll talk about all the good reasons, and a few of the bad, you should sign up JapanCupid today!

Pros of JapanCupid

In a world where free online dating apps run the scene, the thought of a paying for a laptop dating site sounds crazy. In Japan, dating apps are not as popular as they are in English speaking countries. And unless you know Japanese, you may struggle with getting laid if you attempt at these apps. For foreign dudes, JapanCupid is the key to meeting up with Japanese girls. Let’s see why.

Hot Japanese Girls

Japanese girls are arguably the most attractive of the bunch amongst Asia. They are cute, cuddly and sexually appealing, all at once! If you like petite women with nice bodies, you will be happy using this dating site. Japanese girls are not only hot, they are interesting and will definitely show you a good time when you go out on a date.

Lots of Girls

JapanCupid currently has over 700,000 members waiting for you to search through. You’ll have more than enough women to choose from when you are in the big cities. Areas like Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, and larger tourist spots are going to have more girls. Your only real competition on this site is other foreign dudes, not many Japanese guys on here.

Japan Cupid Search

They Don’t Need Your Money

Finally! A country in Asia where women are not out to scam you. In Japan, the girls don’t need your money so you know when they meet up with you, they actually want to. There are scam profiles that we’ll touch on later, but for the real Japanese girls, they just want to meet up and have a good time.

Like Foreign Dudes

Japancupid Search

Japanese girls love foreign dudes, similar to most other Asian countries. Why this is? I don’t know. But reap the benefits of it by becoming a member at JapanCupid. Where Japanese girls are on the site looking for guys like you right now (if it’s daytime in Japan, obviously).

Cons of JapanCupid

JapanCupid has one major con that you’ll find when reading another JapanCupid review online. Big scam profiles. But that’s okay, because we’re here to tell you how to deal scam profiles so you don’t get ripped off by your “date” next time you’re in Japan.

If you haven’t posted a picture yet, and you’re already getting messages from hot Japanese girls. They are definitely fake. Don’t even bite at that scam profile. Women from other countries run these scam profiles as a side hustle and try to get money out of dudes who are just trying to meet a girl.

Why so heavy in Japan? We don’t know. But we do know that Chinese girls are pawned off as Japanese girls, another scam on the site. A couple of bullet point pointers for you to recall on when your are using JapanCupid on your trip to Japan. This is when to say NO to a girl’s profile:

  • Long messages
  • Blurry photos (Japanese women are high-tech)
  • Opening message asking questions you answered on your profile
  • Saying they need support (Japanese girls don’t need that)
  • Pictures of extremely gorgeous women

Paid Vs. Unpaid Membership

In order to go anywhere with Japanese girls, you’ll have to get the paid membership. The site offers a few good qualities for unpaid members, but the real benefits like in the Gold/Platinum tier. Advanced searches, UNLIMITED messages, live chat and translation services. A huge plus if you are trying to dating Japanese girls.

Tokyo is a big city, you don’t want to be talking to a hot chick to only run out of messages midway. With that, unpaid members can’t even chat up unpaid members! So you are limiting yourself by not becoming a paid member. For one date in the US, you can set up endless dates on JapanCupid. Good pay off if you ask me.

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Is JC Worth the Money?

For picking up hot Japanese girls next time you’re in Japan, yes JC is worth the small investment in your future. A future that is full of dates, drinks and late nights with Japanese women who dig foreign dudes like you. All you have to do is become a member and see the benefits. What I love about JapanCupid? You can sign up today and start talking to women before you get there!

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